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Administrator Award

Administrator Award Guidelines

The Wisconsin Title 1 Associations presents the Administrator Award to a Wisconsin Administrator who demonstrates leadership in the Title 1 Program.

Title 1 staff may nominate any school and/or district level administrator who is not employed through Title 1 funds.  Nominees should display these qualities:
  • Acts as an advocate of Title 1
  • Is knowledgeable about Title 1
  • Provides leadership that reflects current research and practice in Title 1 programs
  • Serves as a role model for other administrators
Nomination Process:
Nominations must include four letters of support from any of these sources: teachers, supervisors, board members, parents, local community members, or any other appropriate references.  Letters of support should include information on how the nominee meets the above criteria.  Each school district may nominate one person.  Nomination packets, consisting of the four letters of support, describing the nominee's educational background and professional activities, and a nomination form should be submitted by the deadline listed.

Click here for the application.

Deadline:  The deadline for nominations is February 2, 2020. No late materials will be accepted.  Entries should be submitted to: 

            Co-Past Presidents, Kelly Kroon ( and Amy Treptow (

Recipients of the Administrator Award will be notified by the end of February.  The person(s) nominating the administrator will receive a copy of the notification letter.

    The Award recipient will receive:
  •     Check in the amount of $200 written to his/her school
  •     Hotel room the evening before the breakfast meeting (where the award is presented)
  •     Breakfast 

Past Winners
                                                                2019 - No nominations
2018 - No nominations

2017 Administrator Award Recipient

On behalf of the Wisconsin Title I Association, we would like to congratulate Ms. Elizabeth Tierney Olson on receiving the Administrator Award for 2017.  Ms. Olson is an elementary principal with the Montello School District at Forest Lane Community School.  Her desire for increased student achievement and her support of Title I is evident in all she does for students, teachers and parents.

Ms. Olson was nominated for this award due to her leadership in addressing the education of those students who struggle academically.    She is a connected educator who uses a variety of professional connections, literature, and professional organizations to remain current with research, effective strategies , and issues in instruction, learning, leadership, assessment, and achievement.  One letter stated, “Ms. Olson exemplifies what it means to be an educational visionary. She sees clearly what is  possible with Title I students and has the ability to create systems that allow vision to become reality. A true practitioner,  she understands how cutting edge research can be implemented within a school to benefit Title I students.”  Another letter states, “Ms. Olson has created a culture here at Forest Lane Community School that ensures that educators provide a high-quality curriculum that ensures all students meet academic standards.”  

Please join us in honoring Ms. Elizabeth Olson at our breakfast meeting on April 7th.

2016 Administrator Award Recipient

On behalf of the Wisconsin Title I Association, we would like to congratulate Mr. Eric Nelson on receiving the Administrator Award for 2016.  Mr. Nelson has worked in the School District of Mishicot for 15 years where he began teaching as a sixth grade teacher before starting his administrative career in the district.  Mr. Nelson is currently Principal of O.H. Schultz Elementary School and the Director of Instruction for the district.  Eric and his staff are committed to leading the way and providing students with new endeavors and challenges that promote “21st Century Skills”.  

Mr. Nelson was nominated for this award due to his knowledge, advocacy and leadership of current practices and research in Title I programs.  His dedication and support of a Title I Program was evident by the testimony in letters of support written by colleagues and community members.    One letter stated, "Through Mr. Nelson's leadership, O.H. Schultz has maintained a top notch Title I Reading Program that reflects current research and innovative teaching methods."  As the school leader he demonstrates knowledge, support and leadership as a "true collaborator who values the purpose and mission of Title I programs." Mr. Nelson's passion, advocacy, and work as an instructional leader has created a program that other administrators aspire to replicate and teachers consider a privilege to be a part of.  

Please join us in honoring Mr. Eric Nelson at our breakfast meeting Friday, April 8th.   

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