Wildlife Gardens Awards

This year we are introducing the 

Wildlife Gardens Awards Scheme into our area

By entering your outdoor space for a free Wildlife Gardens Award in 2023 you will be making space for wildlife and helping us understand how local people are supporting wildlife, biodiversity and sustainability.

Come along to the launch event to get excited about what we can do for wildlife in our gardens

Wednesday 22nd March 7 to 9:15 pm

Where: The Sir Bernard Miller Centre, Odney Club, Odney Lane, Cookham SL6 9SR

Do come along to this fun and inspirational evening designed to put wildlife at the heart of local gardens.

The launch event will include the opportunity to meet gardening celebrities and local experts and put your questions to a unique 'Wildlife Gardens Question Time' panel with special guests:

 You can submit your wildlife gardening questions for our experts when you book online, or chat to them at the event.

Tickets are free and can be booked here:  https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/552649398227


The Wildlife Gardens Awards are a free to enter local awards scheme to encourage people to put wildlife at the heart of their gardening. The Awards application process is now open but there is still plenty of time for you to add more wildlife-friendly features to your outdoor space before you apply. The awards are open until 31st July 2023.  


Anyone living in RBWM or surrounding areas with an outdoor space can enter the awards and do their bit for nature.  Garden categories include balconies, courtyards, allotments, communal gardens (including schools, businesses or shared spaces) and private gardens of any size.   


Have a look at the checklist of 24 simple wildlife-friendly garden features – you may have some of these in your outdoor space already or could easily add one or two this year.  When you’re ready complete in the free entry form here: https://wildlifegardensawards.org/

Depending on how many features your outdoor space has, you could receive a bronze, silver or gold award for your space and know you are helping wildlife to thrive. 

Every green space makes a difference for wildlife, providing food, shelter and a safe corridor for wildlife through our area.  Your entry will help us understand where wildlife is supported and where it may need more help.