Bible, Geneva

ALERT: Notifications especially for Switzerland, new continent, Rome, Spain, and Englands' demons.

1) In the year of 1533, let Mary Tudor, Bloody Mary, become Queen of England,  to try to reinstate Roman Catholicism. Be careful though because too much persecution of Protestants could drive them out of England into a safer refuge in another country.

2) My demons, you have failed me! This Marian Exile has driven hundreds of Protestant scholars to Geneva, Switzerland. They will now get support from the pesky John Calvin and John Knox.

3) My demons, what have you done? They have created an anti-Catholic Bible, the so called Geneva Bible and it is now complete within seven years!

4) Upon viewing this Geneva Bible, I see that it has chapters and verse numbers to facilitate studying. It has verse commentary. You fools let a study Bible be created right under your wings!

5) Do not let this version of the Bible spread to other nations!

6) I have great dismay. That Geneva Bible is in the hands of the Pilgrims and it has arrived in the year 1620 in Plymouth of the newly discovered continent. It will be used to start a new nation under God! What an epic failure on your parts. I can't be everywhere at once. I am not omnipresent!

7) This Geneva Bible has now become a threat to Rome and England. My disgust can not be put into words at this moment.

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