General Information

Q. What is a Toy Fair?

A. Pitches are set up in the venue and are stocked with collectable toys, old and new to purchase.

Q. Who can attend a Toy Fair?

A. Everyone is welcome at our Toy Fairs from new and established Traders and Collectors both young and old.

Q. Who can sell at a Toy Fair?

A. We welcome anyone to sell at our Toy Fairs, however prior booking is essential. We are proud to have a diverse selection of stall holders who include shop owners, full and part time traders and also people selling their own collections.

Q. What might I see for sale?

A.  An endless variety of collectables, possibly including Corgi, Lledo, Efe, Matchbox, Hornby, Bachmann, Model Railways, Sci Fi, Star Wars, film and TV related items, Military Vehicles, Lead and Plastic Figures, Scalextric, Action Man, Dinky Toys, Planes, Buses, Modern Trucks, Tractors and Farm Models, Display Cabinets and very much more.

Q. What time do toyfairs start and how much will it cost?

A.  All prices and times of our Fairs can be found via the venues page. Most venues offer full facilities including free parking and catering and all fairs are indoors.  Admission charges apply at all fairs but concession and family rates are available.  See venue page for clarification of prices.

Q.  I want to book a table to sell items at a Toy Fair, can you give me
      some more information?

A. All regular pitches must be pre-booked over the telephone 01522 880383 or by email with Lorraine prior to the event.  

New pitches must book with payment to:
'J & J Fairs Ltd', Rosebank House, Bardney, Lincolnshire, LN3 5UF clearly stating which Toy Fair, size of pitch required, name, address, telephone number and email address.

Pre-booked Pitches - in the event of non-attendance on the day of the event, a fee of £5 per pitch will be charged.

J & J Fairs Ltd do not accept responsibility for the loss or damage of personal property brought into the venue. J & J Fairs Ltd cannot be held responsible for any accident that occurs within or outside the venue where a fair is taking place and can under no circumstances be liable for unforeseen or consequential loss. J & J Fairs Ltd are not liable for goods sold by Traders.