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For more information or to book your pitch at one of our Toy Collector's Fairs, please contact Lorraine on:

01522 880383

Or email:

You can also contact us for one of our free programmes which is full of information about dates, venues, prices and Trader adverts. It contains all of the information you can find here on our website in a handy pocket sized guide, perfect for using when you have no internet access. Of course you can always pop along to one of our Toy Collector's Fairs and pick one up for yourself!

You can also write to us at:

J & J Fairs Ltd

Rosebank House




 J & J Fairs Ltd do not accept responsibility for the loss or damage of personal property brought into the venue. J & J Fairs Ltd cannot be held responsible for any accident that occurs within or outside the venue where a fair is taking place and can under no circumstances be liable for unforeseen or consequential loss. J & J Fairs Ltd are not liable for goods sold by Traders.