September 2017

Sunday 3rd September - SPALDING

October 2017

Sunday 8th October - LINCOLNSHIRE

Sunday 15th October - HUNTINGDON

Saturday 21st October - BRENTWOOD

November 2017

Sunday 19th November - SPALDING

December 2017

Sunday 3rd December - YORK

Saturday 9th December - BRENTWOOD

Sunday 10th December - LINCOLNSHIRE

Sunday 17th December - HUNTINGDON

January 2018

New Year's Day Monday 1st January - EAST MIDLANDS (NEWARK)

Sunday 7th January - SPALDING

Saturday 13th January - BRENTWOOD

Sunday 28th January - LINCOLNSHIRE

February 2018

Sunday 4th February - HUNTINGDON

March 2018

Sunday 4th March - YORK

Saturday 10th March - BRENTWOOD

Sunday 25th March - SPALDING

April 2018

Easter Monday 2nd April - HUNTINGDON

Sunday 29th April - LINCOLNSHIRE

May 2018

Sunday 6th May - YORK

June 2018

Sunday 24th June - HUNTINGDON

Saturday 30th June - BRENTWOOD

July 2018

Sunday 8th July - SPALDING

Sunday 15th July - LINCOLNSHIRE

September 2018

Sunday 2nd September - HUNTINGDON

Sunday 9th September - SPALDING

Saturday 29th September - BRENTWOOD

October 2018

Sunday 7th October - LINCOLNSHIRE

Sunday 14th October - HUNTINGDON

Saturday 27th October - BRENTWOOD

November 2018

Sunday 18th November - SPALDING

Sunday 25th November - LINCOLNSHIRE

December 2018

Sunday 2nd December - YORK

Saturday 8th December - BRENTWOOD

Sunday 16th December - HUNTINGDON

January 2019

New Year's Day Tuesday 1st January - EAST MIDLANDS (NEWARK)

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