Welcome to WeaponSpeak!  It is the mission of this website to equip people with the tools to fight the powers of darkness.  The tools are as varied as the people who use them.  Always keep in mind, we are in a battle and the very prize is you!  So review the different weapons and use them wisely.  Our founding fathers were wise in their use of tools.  They drafted The Constitution of the United States of America and The Bill of Rights while using the tools furnished in the Bible.  When you are troubled and searching for the words which cut like a two edged sword, go back to the ultimate source - the Bible, God's very words to man.  The words you say can start a fire.  Fire can warm us and keep us from freezing or it can burn us if we aren't tending it. 

REMEMBER TO VOTE!!! This duty and honor has been given to you by GOD!!!  Make sure to vote for life.  There are clear differences between candidates on how they view the human life, do they value it and want to save all lives no matter their age or state of health or do they want to kill those they deem unworthy to live.  Make sure you vote, it is your duty as a Christian to take part in your government. On this the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church, we who are free need to remember to participate in our governments so we can use the bounty we have received to help those who are under the line of fire throughout the world.
So lets get started equiping you for battle.  Let's take a look at the different weapons in your arsenal. Knowing the level of strength in your weapons will help you in your battles with the forces of darkness.
SPIRITUAL WEAPONS - these are the most powerful weapons in your possession.  When the founding fathers of the United States of America made our constitution and the bill of rights, there was a reason they did not want the government to interfere with religion.  It was not because the religion would interfere with the government, instead, the reason was to keep the government from interfering with religion.  Our founding fathers knew the church was the recepticle for spiritual weapons that are too powerful for the government to handle. The church was founded by God to teach his children how to use the spiritual weapons.  God did not leave us without tools.
MENTAL WEAPONS - these are the second most powerful weapons in your possession.  One of the first things missionaries always did for a society was to teach the people how to read.  Through out history the people who were literate were able to progress beyond their state to a higher level of society.  One of the promoters who currently help in the endeavor to give the written word to cultures who have only the oral language is the Wycliffe Bible Translators.  Before you can translate a Bible into a native tongue, you first have to have the written word in their native tongue.  This helps to preserve a culture by allowing the elders to record the events of their combined experiences.
PHYSICAL WEAPONS - these are the least powerful weapons in your possession.  Many people are under the assumption that the physical body is the most powerful weapons but the body is nothing without the brain (hence brain-dead) and without the spirit, you are totally dead.  We are but a spirit in a body on a journey through this world.  We use the physical weapons to enhance the mental and spiritual weapons. 
People - Make sure to vote and vote your values.  May the nations awaken from their slumber and free their people from bondage.  VOTE YOUR VALUES.  All life is valuable, even those who are not yet born have value.  Those old and at the end of their time here are valuable.  Those who's body or mind have been broke are still valuable.  If you have breath you are valuable.  Where there is breath, there is still hope! God put you on this world for a reason and if you are still alive, you are here for a reason and God still needs you and love you!!!!
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