OBSA 2015

Bible, Oratory and Oceania Literature

OBSA 2015

[Oceania Biblical Studies Association]


Call for presentations: We invite presentations that explore the ways in which the Bible has been received and used in (1) oratory practices (Samoan: lauga), especially in community and public events, and/or (2) Oceania literature (including poetry, novels, biographies, etc). Each presentation is expected to analyze and assess the use of the biblical text, and evaluate the impact of and possibilities in oratory practices and/or Oceania literature for Biblical Interpretation in Oceania.

OBSA 2015 aims to affirm and showcase the oratory skills of the men and women of Oceania, and to embrace the contributions that creative Oceania authors have made to the world of literature. Put more simply: What may people who study the Bible in Oceania learn from the speakers and writers of our seas?

The program will provide a healthy amount of island kokanut time for presentations and for follow-up talanoa.

Everyone interested in the Study of the Bible in Oceania are welcome to propose a presentation and attend the sessions of OBSA 2015.
Further information will follow in due course.


Venue: Piula Theological College (Upolu, Samoa)
Date: 9-13 Sept 2015 (special program on Sept 13 at local villages)
Due dates: To propose a presentation to OBSA 2015, email the following information to  obsamail@gmail.com by July 31, 2015 (now closed):
  1. Your name

  2. Your email

  3. Title of presentation

  4. Abstract or Summary of presentation (250 words)


OBSA Contacts:

Mose Ma’ilo (mosemailo@yahoo.com)

Nāsili Vaka’uta (nvakauta@gmail.com)

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