Walk 15®

Let's Walk Together with 15-Minute Big Calorie-Burning Miles!

In a Walk 15® class, we take the best features of low-impact, aerobic style group exercise and incorporate them into a format that's easy to follow yet effective in results. Our walking-based moves allow all ages and fitness levels to participate and feel successful - this is a class for all walks of life!

Our 'total body walk' integrates multiple muscle groups throughout the body, providing muscle balance automatically simply through exercise selection. Walking-based moves mean anyone can do it, but make no mistake - you will get a health-club quality workout!

Music is the heart of our classes and is engineered at a pace that keeps you in a fat-burning zone. If you are moving to the beat, you're burning big calories! The beat actually measures distance with Walk at Home's 'Steps to Miles' system, and our classes are 2-3 miles on average. We include the added benefit of strength/ resistance training through the use of hand weights or firming bands while we walk. These are always optional.

Walk with a Master!

The Master Walk 15® Instructor course is a world-class certification that includes physiology, anatomy & kinesiology, cuing techniques and much more. The Master certification includes both written and movement exams - your instructor is educated and passionate about keeping you motivated and successful!

What Do I Need?

  • A water bottle

  • A pair of walking/running shoes - any good pair of fitness shoes will suffice - make sure they have good arch support and cushioning throughout the entire foot.

  • Socks - You should wear socks that fit correctly to prevent bunching, and they should allow for air circulation - it's key in preventing blisters.

  • Wear light, comfortable clothing that is non-restrictive - light, breathable fabrics are recommended. A wicking polo or T-shirt and yoga/sweat pants or shorts are examples.

  • A small towel or sweat bands for the wrist are a good idea - you'll definitely work up a sweat!

  • If participating in a Strong Abs & Back or Move & Groove session, you will need a Pilates mat. These are available at many retailers at a cost of $20-30.

  • For Strength Training, hand weights are available at many retailers. Try second hand stores to save some money. While walking, we use a maximum of 3 lbs in each hand. For stationary strength sessions, you can go as heavy as you can handle safely. Start with a lighter weight (anywhere from 1-3 lbs) and work your way up to heavier weights incrementally. From 3 lbs to 4-5 lbs for example, from 4-5 lbs up to 7-8 lbs, etc.

  • Resistance Bands are also available at many retailers and come in a variety of colors and thicknesses. Color does not dictate resistance level, as it will vary by brand. You can often find them in sets of 3 (light, medium and heavy resistance).