There's nothing I love more than seeing people transform from a countenance of defeat, depression, anxiety and foreboding to one of VICTORY, JOY, STRENGTH and OPTIMISM.

Exercise is a tool I use to help others maintain a healthy weight and keep stress levels in check. After a 30+ year career in administration, I came to a point of severe mental burnout, but in 2011 I discovered a DVD series that changed my life… in a single workout. I went from being unable to will myself to walk upright to effortlessly walking tall - people in the office were asking what happened to me – they saw the change in my demeanor overnight. The more I explored these walking-based workouts, the stronger I felt inside, with a joy so intense that I felt I would burst if I didn’t share it with others. Within six months I was certified to teach the program (Walk 15®) and have not looked back. My current certifications include Walk 15®, ACE Group Fitness Instructor, and most recently, Revelation Wellness® Instructor.

- Nancy Ehle, Master Walk 15® Instructor; Founder & CEO, Witness 4 Fitness

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What is Walk 15? 

Master Instructor Nancy Ehle explains how this dynamic workout format is one of the most inclusive in the fitness industry today. It's suitable for all ages, all body shapes and sizes. Basically if you can WALK, you can do this! In fact, many of the moves can be done from a chair! Come WALK with Nanc!

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Want to WALK from Home? 

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30 Days to Better Hip Mobility

This virtual program is designed for anyone who wants to improve mobility and stability of the hips and is loaded with great exercises! Check Upcoming Programs for more info, or access the collection directly from this link:  recess.tv/@nancyehle/HIPS