Upcoming Programs

Woodcreek Community Association is offering Move & Groove classes for Active Agers who want to stay fit and mobile! Instructor Nancy Ehle leads the group through an hour of exercises that will help balance, stability, mobility, strength, heart health, core, and more!

Classes run Fridays from 10:15-11:15 am Next Friday Series runs from March 3 - April 21, 2023 (no class on Good Friday)

UPDATE: Woodcreek is now offering a SECOND class on Wednesdays! 

Series runs March 8 - April 19, 2023 from 10:45 - 11:45 a.m.

Space for both is limited - contact Woodcreek Community Association for cost and to register:




30 Days to Better Hip Mobility - a virtual video collection

This program is designed for anyone who is active and mobile and wants to stay that way. Mobilize and strengthen the hips for ease of movement and better overall better quality of life! The exercises selected cover a full range of motion and vary between stability, mobilization, flexibility and strength. Cost is $100 CDN, and the videos do not expire - they will be accessible as long as I keep using the Recess.TV platform. Get started now by accessing the collection here:  recess.tv/@nancyehle/HIPS