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At present, the Annex consists principally of the

which preserves items posted over the years

at the Waldorf Watch News.



You may also wish to explore the 

Quotes Archive,

which preserves many of the quotations used as

"Quotes of the Day" and "Quotes of Note"

at the Waldorf Watch News.





Many topics are covered in these news items and quotations.

The best strategies for using the Archive are 

1) simply browse, poke around, explore;

2) use the search option (at the upper right on each page);

3) delve into the Annex Index.





In addition to excerpts from news stories, 

the Archive presents my own commentaries written in response to the news.

I wrote these replies quickly and posted them immediately.

Please excuse any resulting typos and other infelicities.

The news items preserved here cover the period 2010-2021, with some gaps.

I used various formats over the years,

and this is reflected in the varying format you will find here.



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