future stages

Do not confuse Future Jupiter, 

Future Venus, and Future Vulcan

 with Jupiter, Venus, and Vulcan.

The former will be periods in time;

the latter are places in the sky

(or, in Vulcan's case, a fantasy).

[See "Planets".]

Here is a preview of the future evolution of 
the solar system and humanity, 
as described by Rudolf Steiner. 

Future Jupiter

According to Steiner, drawing heavily from Theosophy: this will be the next "condition of consciousness" or "planetary condition," i.e., our next major stage of evolution, following the Earth stage (Present Earth). [See "Conditions of Consciousness", below.] The entire solar system will reincarnate in a form dominated by the forces of Jupiter. [See "Everything" and "Planets".] Future Jupiter will be, in a sense, a mirror-image of Old Moon. When we arrive there, we will have the Jupiter consciousness: perfected imagination. [See "Steiner's 'Science'".]

As the center of the created universe, we will bring about the conditions on Jupiter. 

"[T]he rock formation[s] of the Future Jupiter [will] be the result of our words. The ocean of Jupiter, the warmth of Jupiter, will arise out of the feelings of present-day humanity. The beings of Jupiter will arise out of human will. Thus the inhabitants of a previous planet [i.e., condition of consciousness] create the basic conditions for its successor ... There will then exist a kind of Jupiter-Lemurian race [i.e., during Future Jupiter we will recapitulate our existence on the lost continent of Lemuria] ... Just as we inhabited the grotesque forms of the Old Moon, so these beings will inhabit the forms which we develop by means of our pineal gland." — Rudolf Steiner, FOUNDATIONS OF ESOTERICISM (Rudolf Steiner Press, 1982), lecture 9, GA 93a.

Future Venus

According to Steiner, this will be the sixth "condition of consciousness" or "planetary condition," the evolutionary stage that will follow Future Jupiter. The entire solar system will reincarnate in a form dominated by the forces of Venus. [See "Everything" and "Planets".] Future Venus will be, in effect, a mirror-image of Old Sun. When we reach Future Venus, we will have the Venus consciousness: perfected inspiration. [See "Steiner's 'Science'".]

• "On the future Venus a complete consciousness in the etheric body [our lowest nonphysical body] will develop. Then, while man sleeps, he will gain a consciousness concerning the other side of the world [i.e., the far or hidden side of reality]." — Rudolf Steiner, FOUNDATIONS OF ESOTERICISM (Rudolf Steiner Press, 1982), lecture 25, GA 93a.

• Advanced students of initiation can explore Future Venus even during the Present Earth stage of evolution. "The mystery of the shining of light, of the shining of soul-light, arose for the pupil. Thus he was transported into that future when the earth will be changed into the Venus-planet, into the future Venus-planet." — Rudolf Steiner, MYSTERY CENTRES (Garber Communications, 1985), lecture 9, GA 232. 

Only meritorious or normal, highly evolved humans will graduate from Future Venus to Future Vulcan; others will be sent to an "irreclaimable Moon" [see the entry for Future Vulcan, below].

Future Vulcan

According to Steiner, this will be the seventh "planetary condition"— the condition of consciousness that will follow Future Venus. Sometimes Future Vulcan is considered the final planetary condition, although Steiner sometimes indicated that there will be five more, indescribable stages after it.

During Future Vulcan, the entire solar system will reincarnate in a form dominated by the forces of Vulcan. [See "Everything" and "Planets".] We will then all have the Vulcan consciousness: perfected intuition. [See "Steiner's 'Science'".] Future Vulcan will be, in a sense, a mirror-image of Old Saturn, just as Future Venus will be a mirror-image of Old Sun, and Future Jupiter will be a mirror-image of Old Moon; but of course these reflections will be greatly heightened and far more spiritually evolved. Thus, in reaching Future Vulcan, we will recapitulate and culminate all the stages of our prior evolution.

We will reach Future Vulcan after laggard and regressive — evil — humans are split off from Future Venus and sent to a sort of cosmic correctional institution. Unfortunately, not much about Future Vulcan can be revealed to the public. 

"Lastly a supersensible consciousness even more highly developed [i.e., very high clairvoyant powers] perceives an evolutionary state of the more distant future to which the name of Vulcan may be given. Vulcan is in like relation to Saturn evolution as Venus to Sun and Jupiter to Moon. Thus in considering the past, the present and the future of Earth evolution we have to name its successive stages: Saturn, Sun, Moon, Earth, Jupiter, Venus and Vulcan ... From Venus, at a certain stage, a separate celestial body becomes detached. This — as it were, an 'irreclaimable Moon' — includes all the beings who have persisted in withstanding the true course of evolution. It enters now upon a line of development such as no words can portray, so utterly unlike is it to anything within the range of man's experience on Earth. The evolved humanity on the other hand, in a form of existence utterly spiritualized, goes forward into Vulcan evolution, any description of which would be beyond the compass of this book." — Rudolf Steiner, OCCULT SCIENCE - AN OUTLINE (Rudolf Steiner Press, 1969), chapter 6, GA 13.

 [R. R., 2010.]

This is the overall pattern of human evolution, according to Anthroposophical teachings. We began in a period called Old Saturn, represented here by the orange globe on the upper left. We evolved to Old Sun (pink) and Old Moon (orange) before arriving at Present Earth (pink). This was a descent into a densely physical condition. Wrongdoers will sink even lower, to the "Eighth sphere" (the blue globe below the Earth). Good humans will evolve upward to Future Jupiter, then Future Venus, and then Future Vulcan. In most Anthroposophical accounts, Future Vulcan is our final, highly spiritualized destination at least in terms of these "planetary stages." However, Steiner sometimes indicated that there will be five more stages after Vulcan.

Conditions of Consciousness

In Anthroposophical belief, these are the largest divisions of our evolution: ancient, present, and future evolutionary über-stages. They are also called planetary conditions or planetary stages. We proceed from one to the next, evolving on or during each "planet": Old Saturn, Old Sun, Old Moon, Present Earth, Future Jupiter, Future Venus, Future Vulcan, and five more that cannot be named or described. [See "Matters of Form".] 

"Humanity will have to be guided from one planetary condition to another. Spiritual Beings [i.e., gods] must also exist, whose care it is during the whole earth evolution [i.e., Present Earth] to see that when that evolution will have come to an end, humanity may pass in the right manner through a Pralaya [a rest phase] and find its way to the next goal, to the Jupiter goal [i.e., the Jupiter Condition of consciousness: Future Jupiter]." — Rudolf Steiner, THE SPIRITUAL HIERARCHIES (Anthroposophical Publishing Co., 1928), lecture 6, GA 110.

The essence of the "conditions of consciousness" — and the reason for this term — is that at each stage we develop a new, higher form of consciousness. In Anthroposophical belief, the story of human history and evolution is the story of our ascent to higher and higher forms of consciousness. We started at a very dim level, but we will eventually emerge with godlike awareness. In thumbnail form, here are the conditions of consciousness, roughly speaking:

Old Saturn - coma

Old Sun - deep sleep

Old Moon - dreaming

Earth - waking consciousness

Future Jupiter - imagination

Future Venus - inspiration

Future Vulcan - intuition

The final three forms of consciousness are all, in varying degrees, types of clairvoyance. Everyone who survives to the future stages of evolution will have these types of consciousness. In the meanwhile, here on Earth, preliminary versions of these mental/spiritual capacities are pursued by Anthroposophists and fostered (it is thought) in Waldorf schools.

Although Steiner often referred to the future stages of our evolution as "planets," and despite the fact that he sometimes depicted them as globes or circles, we need to remember that they will not be planets such as we see in the sky now — indeed, they will not really be planets at all. They will be evolutionary stages, conditions of consciousness, spiritual environments. For this reason, instead of visualizing them as globes or circles, you might better visualize them through images like the following —  although of course these images are, in themselves, highly inaccurate; they are efforts to picture what cannot be pictured. These are just my own impressionistic stabs in the dark. Almost any other images you might come up with on your own would do just as well — as long as they do not depict Future Jupiter, Future Venus, and Future Vulcan as planets per se.

From top to bottom: Future Jupiter (as it were),
Future Venus (in a sense), and Future Vulcan (or not).
[R. R., 2010.]

Concerning the additional evolutionary stages 
that await us after Future Vulcan, 
Anthroposophists dig through Steiner texts, 
seeking clues. 
(Although Anthroposophy should empower them 
to make their own clairvoyant discoveries, 
they generally rely absolutely on Steiner 
for such things.) 
Here is one example: 

"What might the next stage of this [evolutionary] process be like? Naturally it could not be answered if Rudolf Steiner had not given us a few indications from his spiritual research concerning the subsequent evolution after the Vulcan condition. In THE SPIRITUAL HIERARCHIES AND THEIR REFLECTION IN THE PHYSICAL WORLD, he stated: 'In the Vulcan development [1], all the beings that emerged as it were from the modest beginnings of the Saturn existence [these words refer primarily to human beings] [2] are spiritualized to the highest degree; all of them together have become not only sun but super-sun.' [3] ... And further on: 'When a sun has advanced so far that it has once again united with its planets, it turns into circumference; it turns into a zodiac', in order to move on to new creating in the universe ... If we take what Rudolf Steiner stated here...we can say: After the Vulcan-existence the Archangeloi will begin the new world evolution and create a new 'space' (zodiac) ... And into this stream of world evolution the actual creator of the new solar system will enter, and they will be the human beings ... For in that time mankind will have turned itself into the tenth hierarchy [4] ... This hierarchy will then create a solar system, the foundation of which...will be the power of the Christ...and the power of the Holy Spirit [5] ... Out of the combination and joint activity of the two forces, the Love of Christ and the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit, will emerge the creative Deeds of Good from the soul, deeds of Good out of which the tenth hierarchy will create the new solar system [6] ... For in the 'Christ-Sun'...we already have a germ of that Super-Sun which eventually is intended to emerge out of the creative deeds of humans at the end of the Vulcan aeon. [7]" — Sergei O. Prokofieff, THE FOUNDATION STONE MEDITATION (Temple Lodge Publishing, 2006), pp. 16-17.

[1] I.e., during Future Vulcan.

[2] I.e., beings whose evolution began during Old Saturn, the first incarnation of the solar system. [See the entry for "Old Saturn" in the Brief Waldorf / Steiner Encyclopedia.]

[3] In Anthroposophy, Christ is the Sun God. [See "Sun God".] He is the genius or spirit of the Sun, and in this sense he is the Sun itself. All who follow him correctly (i.e., in accordance with Anthroposophy) become like him, and thus they themselves become suns. In the distant future, Steiner taught, they will effectively surpass Him and become super-suns.

[4] See "Tenth Hierarchy".

[5] In Anthroposophy, the Holy Trinity comprises three separate gods, not three aspects of a single God. The Son is the Sun God, Christ; the Holy Ghost is the god of Old Moon; the Father is the god of Saturn.

"The highest Ruler of Saturn...appears to us as the Father God, and the highest Ruler of Sun, the Sun-God, as the Christ. Similarly the Ruler of the Moon stage of Earth appears to us as the Holy Spirit.” — Rudolf Steiner, ROSICRUCIAN WISDOM (Rudolf Steiner Press, 2000), p. 100.

[6] I.e., humans will have evolved to such a high state that they will in effect be God the Father. Steiner tells of the contributions of Christ and the Holy Spirits, two members of the Trinity. The third member, in his account, is highly evolved humanity. 

"[W]e shall have gradually achieved the transformation of our own being into what is called in Christianity 'the Father'." — Rudolf Steiner, THE LORD'S PRAYER (Rudolf Steiner Press, 2007), p. 17.

[7] I.e., currently, in the world today, we have in the Sun God the seed or germ of our future highly evolved state, when we will have become a super-sun, or, specifically, God the Father. We will be a super-sun and we will create a super-sun. We will, in other words, create ourselves as the highest of gods, the Father.

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