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Survival Stand

Type: Co-op,  Hero base defence
Players: 1-5 (Recommended: 3 - 5)
Size: Tiny
VI: Basic
Playtime: 1.5 - 2 hours
Download: SurvivalStand 1.7p

Status: Finished
This was my second map. It was inspired by MooMoo defence map. It took about six months to create and is my second favorite map. As all my maps, it features high attention to small details like item or skill descriptions and spell or buff visual effects. Stuff that is pleasant to your eyes.

You have to choose one Hero from 24 available and defend your base. Scourge will be coming from all four directions. You need to survive for 28 attack waves until your reinforcements come and then finish off the Scourge. It also is a kind of map that gets boring after you finish it once. But its a bit more versatile than SurvivalRun so some people will play it 2 or 3 times.

I tested this map (optimized and circumcised :) version) with 2 more people on LAN and found no bugs or crashes. There is one wave of Gondar-like units that can go wind walking and hide somewhere. The new wave won't begin until you hunt those cowards down :). We played Average difficulty and i have no clue if it is possible to win this on Superstar level XD.