Survival Fortress

Type: Co-op, Tower base defence

Players: 1-4 (Recommended: 4)

Size: Tiny

VI: None

Playtime: 1.5 - 2 hours

Download: SurvivalFortress 1.3p

Status: Finished/Can be improved

-Trigger VI (so nolifers could play with computer allies)

-Add Survival mode (would be only one continuous wave until you die eventually)

All my other maps were based on ideas that i stole from other people, but this one was not. I don't truly understand how, but i actually thought of this idea totally by my self. You won't find any other TD maps where towers are build from special foundations and not by some poor peon like slave guy.

Map should be huge fun for 4 players. Build your towers in one corner of your base and defend two gates that are closest to you. Upgrade, research and repair. I consider this to be a co-op map, but actually there isn't much that you can do to help your teammates, besides repairing or upgrading their gates. Still, you will lose all if one of you screws up :).

I play tested this with one friend and don't know if it is all right when all 4 are playing. But there shouldn't be any balance issues with that since number of enemies is multiplied by number of players. And, as usually, there are 5 difficulty levels to choose from, so you should find best balance for your skills. Map is more or less finished, i intended to do some minor tweaks but it is so hard to find spare time these days.