Survival Run

Type: Co-op, Hero RPG

Players: 1-5 (Recommended: 3 - 5)

Size: Medium

VI: Basic

Playtime: 2 - 3 hours

Download: SurvivalRun 1.8p

Status: Finished

Remarks: It is my oldest map and thus kinda crude, full of minor details that could be improved, but i just don't have any time for it.

This was my very first map. Well not really totally my, originally this was Blizzard's Warchasers map. I wanted to make it better and so began my map editing career :). Spend huge amounts of time on this map, but still, it is probably my worst map.

You have to choose one Hero from 37 available and kill everything that moves as you advance trough dark dungeon together with your friends. Map is quite hard and requires good coordination between teammates as well as party consisting of different class Heroes (Tank, Support, Healer, Disabler...). Map is big fun on LAN, but sadly it is a kind of a map that you won't play second time after you play it through the end.

I tested this map with 3 more people on LAN and found no bugs or crashes. However i tested open source (unprotected and not optimized) map and sometimes maps get corrupted during optimization process so please do inform me if you will find something wrong with it.