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Survival Chaos

Type: FFA, Last man standing
Players: 4
Size: Small
VI: Triggered
Playtime: 40 - 50 minutes
Download: SurvivalChaos 3.0p

Status: Finished/will be improved

Download: Latest Changelog (3.0)

My fifth map. This is my pride and joy. I used the idea from old and forgotten map, called "Chaos Control", and took it to another level. Kept adding new races, units, spells and other stuff until map size blew out of proportions.

Each player chooses his race from 13 available and gets a base at random side of the map. You can only control your structures and influence the game by researching upgrades for your units which move on their own. There are plenty of upgrades, usually more than the time or money for them all to be researched, so choosing them is a mater of strategy.
Also sending Heroes and big bad ass Special units at the right time to the right spot is a key to victory.

This is strictly a "for fun" map type and is recommended to be played locally with your friends. It's 'Free for All' foundation makes it inherently unfit for serious tournament competition. It has huge amount of randomness and unfair aspects. You quite often lose or win not because of your skill but for some accidental event. Anyone who plays this map on ranked stats and think they mean anything is a low IQ inbred imbecile.

I triggered VI from a scratch to be fairly intelligent so don't be surprised if you will lose to "insane" computer opponents.
You can learn to play and have some fun alone with VI opponents.