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Survival Fort

Type: Co-op, Tower defence
Players: 1-3 (Recommended: 2 - 3)
Size: Tiny
VI: None
Playtime: 1 hour
Download: SurvivalFort 1.3p

Status: Finished
My third map. Inspired by some dude's Ruined Temple TD, which was really good tower defence.  Yes yes, i know, there are many TD maps, but they are not good enough for me. How many good cooperation TD you know? I mean real co-op. How many maps have units moving not in straight line like a train, but dispersed, avoiding siege area damage? How many maps have flying units that don't give a shit about your roads and fly straight to your castle to destroy it?

Build towers near your fort gate and shoot those undead. There are invisible waves and there are flying waves. And there are also Boss waves. Don't forget to purchase upgrades in your barracks and repair the gate in your keep. Build eight towers around one armory, because it provides combat bonuses.

Map tested, seem to be working fine. I thought that it is a waste of time to make triggers for VI in only 3 player map so computer companions are unavailable in this one. I really hope you found some friends by now.