Softwares for Physically Challenged

JAWS is a screen reading software which is accessible with most of the windows applications like MS Office, Internet, etc. This software helps Visually Challenged employees to work in BPO’s, corporate sector as Managers, Software Engineers, etc.

Visit the JFW Lite Home Page. You will find many programs and helpful hints related with JAWS and related software’s.

Visit this very useful blind programming site. Here you will find info about jaws, a section for useful files, and many good tutorials about programming languages like c and c++.

Fine reader and Kurzweil are two most popular Optical Character Recognition softwares which help to scan the printed text materials and convert it into editable text.

Website for ABBYY Fine reader (OCR)
Kurzweil (OCR)

Skype is a messenger through which you can send SMS message, text chatting, voice chatting from PC to PC, online conference calling. You can even make PC to phone call all over the world for a very cheep price. This can be very handy for Visually Challenged to take online classes from any where in the world. You can download this free software from the link given below

Naturally Speaking 9.0 lets your PC write down what you say whether you’re dictating a memo, top, or instant messaging, above.They claim that this speech to text software gives around 98% accuracy.

Math Trax is a software developed by NASA that generates text, sound and visual representations of graphs found in both math and science applications. Visually challenged computer users who are interested in space research, Mathematics, Science, etc access these alternative text and sound descriptions through the use of a screen reader and standard computer speakers. You can download this software from

Mobile phone related software’s

Code factory the makers of mobile speak. They develop a screen reading software for series 60 mobiles and windows based PDA's They are the makers of very popular software called Talks. The software runs on series 60 and 90 phones,

Talks users, This site has some manuals for mobile phones, This site gives info about software’s that are accessible using mobile speak or talks. It has a free dictionary also