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“Write the bad things that are done to you in sand,

but write the good things that happen to you on a piece of marble" - NGO Post is the people's platform for sharing and discussing various social welfare initiatives. You contribute to NGO Post by sharing new insightful stories, your ideas in follow-up discussions. And, NGO Post helps you in keeping up to date with the latest developments, finding quality information about topics of your interest and establish collaborations with other knowledgeable people around the globe.

complaint, query or suggestion about government, public sector, local body, even private concern

consumer forum's help line toll free number is :
1800114000  , or you can lodge a complaint to there website at

Send attachments of 1GB. Free software from Pando Networks automatically converts your attachments into a small file that your friend can simply open to download from Pando or elsewhere. the recipient must also have the free software from Pando.

Google guide starts with basic stuff like how to search effectively and how the search engine interprets your queries. It then moves to advanced tutorials that teach you about search operators like 'define:', 'book' and 'file type. They claim that if you spend the required 8 hours to read it, you will be transformed into a search expert

Just search the software you want to download and you will find links to download the software’s you need for free a great and very accessible search engine

Have you ever come across any bad experience with any of the banks?? Do the bank officials always behave as if they are the Masters of the planet and don't reply properly?? Have you lost any money due to ATM faults?? Has money been deducted from your account without information???? Here comes the solution. Register your complaint. It is an RBI's initiative to protect customers' rights in today's bank dominated environment. You will get your problem solved very soon.

A web site is launched to book bus tickets online.  The site is launched by IIMB alumni with features like all south India ticket booking, Ticket printing at your place, Cancellation possible on net & No extra charges.

Get some free and shareware utilities here

get some power tools here

Enjoy the internet with out the net.

You can get each and every info about Bangalore and also have a facility to provide free service to Karnataka people.