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"Leave Something for Someone.

Never Leave someone for something; because in life,

Something will leave u but someone will always live with u"


Some useful mailing lists

Linking Leads

The volunteers signing into this group are those who are willing to help the visually, physically and economically challenged students to complete their education and get into some vocation or the other. The help would be in the form of reading for them, writing their exams, editing scanned study materials, solving their queries even online or leading them to take competitive exams. The students may avail assistance of the volunteers to help them to complete their education and find a niche for themselves in this highly competitive job scenario. The main aim is to link up the group that wishes to help and those who are willing to use all possible available services to reach their goals.

To subscribe, send a blank message to

Access India, a very active list was created to provide an opportunity for the visually challenged persons in India to share experiences, questions, and Suggestions related to the use of technology. to subscribe send a message to with the word subscribe in the subject line

Blind tech is a list for the discussion of any technology as it affects blind people. This is not a computer -only list, although computing issues certainly Constitute the majority of the messages. If you want to subscribe then send a blank message to

You can also get information about some mailing lists at
blind programming site

Issues regarding Indian politics. Editorials from many newspapers are delivered to your mail box; you can also take part in political discussions and post The editorials, to join send a blank message to

If you want to subscribe to Skype mailing list an application for free voice chat from PC to PC and many more, then go here
skype mailing list page

Some useful News letters to subscribe

join this useful langa news letter

Join this independent living news letter. Here you will get a lot of information about aids for "Low vision people". As well as "visually challenged people".

Top dot enterprises, another great news letter to subscribe