Organisations for Physically Challenged

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Here are some organizations working for Physically Challenged

You will find a list of blind schools and NGOs in India at

Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled (Bangalore)
This is an organization at Bangalore which helps visually, physically and Economically Challenged people by providing free hostel facilities, education, computer training, etc.

Enable India (Bangalore)
This organization provides excellent computer training for physically Challenged students and trainers. It also works for job placements

Score Foundation - This organization provides comprehensive solutions for blind people and there families like parental advice, products, Career, Acts and Policies, communication, interviews of grate achievers, News on disability and many more. They also produce the radio programme Eyeway Ye Hai Roshni Ka Karwan, and run a very active Eyeway helpdesk (+91-11-460 70 380-Monday to Friday 11am to 5pm)

Hadley school for the blind (USA)
It provides more than 100 free online courses for Visually Challenged, their parents, trainers and people related to them. Their best features are their excellent service of the experienced teachers and superb study material

National Association for the Blind (Delhi)
Here you can get information about very useful services of nab Delhi like Computer Training and Technology Centre, Assistive Technology Helpline Service, Programme For Vision Impaired Multi-Handicapped Children, talking book library, integrated school, Service for Elderly Blind and some self learning tutorials too - Royal National Institute for the blind is a well known organization based at London. The website gives all the information about its services


Following are the Organizations who deal with many latest accessible tools and softwares for all kinds of physically challenged people.

Saksham (India)
Karishma Enterprises (India)
Dancing Dots (USA), music related technology for blind

Able data

Enable mart

Products For people with lo vision
You will find a list of blind schools and NGOs in India at