Tracy Deagan LPC-S, LCSW

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Clients I work well with are usually somewhat alternative and/or intentionally idiosyncratic and they want a nonjudgmental therapist that can work with them knowledgeably - one who is alternative friendly - and one that is themselves also intentionally idiosyncratic/alternative. My areas of unique expertise include Polyamory, Trauma and Mental Health Ethics, though I have practiced extensively in many other areas of therapy.

I find that my personal and professional work on exploring and balancing my sense of self and increasing my self esteem allows me to be very helpful to those working on their sense of themselves and their self relationship / self esteem.

My professional and personal work has also allowed me to assist well folks that are working on their relationships with others; asserting and expressing themselves in their relationships, finding balance and health in their relationships, and communicating more successfully with others.

In addition to the above, in my 30+ years of practice I have learned to be helpful with:

  • Anxiety / Panic disorders

  • Family of Origin issues including abuse, neglect, trauma

  • "Lifestyles; open relationships, swinging, "play" relationships

  • Life transitions

  • Multiple Relationship / Marriage structures including Polyamory, Open Relationship and Swinger Relationships

  • Monogamous Relationships of many types - traditional, divorce effected, multiple parents, blended families etc.

  • Dissociative Identity / Multiple Personality - this is one of my favorite areas that I work well in and enjoy working with very much.

  • Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Gender Continuum; as both a basic identity that is not the focus of therapy but still want a knowledgable therapist for, as well as coming out issues, internalized homophobia, dealing with others homophobia etc.

  • Trauma from varied sources;

    • first family / family of origin

    • sexual assault

    • molestation and abuse

    • medical procedures

    • prejudice

    • hate crimes

    • other areas

  • Mood issues; depression, stress, anger etc.

My practice includes the following:

  • Ability to assist all age groups in varied modalities

  • EMDR, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, a very helpful tool for trauma and anxiety recovery

  • Assistance to those that are working toward transgender transition or finding their place on the Gender Continuum

  • Knowledgeable help for those restructuring their relationship to include multiple partners / polyamory or another aspect of lifestyle / relationship structure.

The licenses I hold are as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Licensed Professional Counselor. I hold certification as an approved Supervisor for those seeking their LPC and LCSW licenses and I enjoy providing individual and group supervision, training, and consultation to other mental health professionals.

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