Tracy Deagan LPC-S, LCSW

Kara Nassour LPC-Associate

"LGBTQIA+, Alternative, Progressive"

I am at my best when working with individuals and couples that want balance. Balance between others and themselves but also with themselves. People that want to work with me do so because I am an alternative friendly and knowledgeable therapist with a strong background in working with those that experience PTSD, Dissociative Disorders, and Healthy Multiplicity from traumatic experiences.

Clients that identify as "straight but alternative", "LGBTQIA+", as well as those choosing non-traditional relationship structures such as Polyamory, ENM, blended families, and "swingers" will all find me informed by my personal experiences. Because of this, I can help without my client having to educate me on the basics of these areas.

I work from a Relational Multicultural perspective as well as Internal Family Systems (IFS) Collaborative Counseling (aka Ego Analytical) approaches to help folks. My ability to add Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) or Gestalt tools can enhance one's experience of therapy with me. Another area I specialize in is helping family members understand their loved ones' life transitions and choices through communication and boundary work.

--Tracy Deagan LPC-S, LCSW

The view from Tracy's indoor office

The view from Tracy's indoor office

The view from Tracy's porch office

Tracy's porch "office"

Neighbors (deer) visiting the office

Neighbors visiting the office

Focus areas that Kara and Tracy's work is informed by personal or professional experience:

  • Anxiety / Panic disorders

  • Family of Origin issues including abuse, neglect, trauma

  • "Lifestyles; open relationships, swinging, "play", BDSM relationships

  • Life transitions

  • Multiple Relationship / Marriage structures including Polyamory, Open Relationship, and Swinger Relationships

  • Monogamous Relationships of many types - traditional, divorce effected, multiple parents, blended families, etc.

  • Dissociative Identity / Multiple Personality - this is one of my favorite areas that I work well in and enjoy working with very much.

  • Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Gender Continuum; as both a basic identity that is not the focus of therapy but still want a knowledgeable therapist for, as well as coming out issues, internalized homophobia, dealing with others homophobia, etc.

  • Trauma-Informed from varied sources;

    • first family / family of origin

    • sexual assault

    • molestation and abuse

    • medical procedures

    • prejudice

    • hate crimes

    • other areas

  • Mood issues; depression, stress, anger, etc.

Phone # (507)-509-2224 or (512) 796-3457 Austin, TX

Telehealth Only Until Further Notice, Now Accepting New Clients

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Who I Am:

I am Tracy Deagan LPC-S, LCSW

I founded this practice 10 years ago and I am now an independent practice psychotherapist.

I hold two licenses and one supervisory certificate. I have been in practice for 30+ years.

In those 30 years, I have developed expertise and advanced skills in all the areas we serve. I love doing therapy and I believe "those 30 years really make a difference! I find I can understand and help much more effectively and quickly than I could with only 10 or 20 years in the field."


My standard fee is $130.00 per hour. I do provide sliding scale meetings for some clients. Fees vary for Tracy from $80 to $125. Fees vary for Kara from $60-$90. Please ask.

To Access Services:

Please call Tracy at (512) 796-3457, or, preferred, email tracy at

Tracy Deagan LPC-S, LCSW

Tracy Deagan LPC-S, LCSW

Watson, Chief Cuddling Officer (on request)

Watson, Chief Cuddling Officer (on request)

Kara Nassour

Kara Nassour, LPC Associate


People come to therapy because they have problems. And sure, we will work on your problems together. But the beautiful part of therapy is uncovering the courage, skills, and resourcefulness that carried you this far, and building on those strengths so you can make tomorrow better. That's what I love about this work. I believe in my clients and learn something new about life from each of them, and I believe in you.

I work with a range of issues, specializing in anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and figuring out how to live by your values in everyday life. Many of my clients are LGBTQ+ people working out what love, relationships, and identity mean to them. Others learn to balance care for themselves with caring for other people. But whatever issue you're facing, you don't have to face it alone.

My approach balances the practical and the emotional. Some people want to explore coping skills, problem-solving strategies, and practice managing emotions, tasks, and relationships in-session. Others need a space to process their experiences, be heard, and understood. Some people like having a plan for each week, while others want a flexible time to work through their biggest concerns in the moment. All of these options are on the table, and I check in with my clients often about what they need and how well it's working.

I always end sessions on a positive note: a plan of action, experiences you look forward to, or things you feel grateful for or which give you hope.

A few of the areas I'm experienced in:

  • Anger management

  • Anxiety

  • Asexuality and aromanticism

  • Balancing work, relationships, and time for yourself

  • Career transitions

  • Coping skill development

  • Depression

  • Grief and loss

  • Gender identity, transgender, and nonbinary issues

  • General LGBTQ+ issues

  • Living your values

  • Meaning, purpose, adulthood, and "big questions" about life

  • Mindfulness and meditation

  • Neurodiversity, including autism and ADHD empowerment

  • Nontraditional relationship styles and polyamory

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Self-compassion

  • Self-esteem

  • Stress and burnout

  • Social justice and intersectional issues

  • Social skill development

  • Trauma and recovery

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate who graduated from Texas State University with an M.A. in Counseling Psychology. I have worked with young adults, older adults and adolescents at Out Youth, the Austin Center for Grief and Loss, Capital Area Counseling and Therapy Austin.


Kara Nassour, LPC Associate

Pronouns: she/her

Supervised by Tracy Deagan, LPC-S, LCSW

Helpful Articles

Relationship Opening Up Stages / Benchmarks (1/25/23)

This is a list of several new relationship activities that may need to be agreed to and discussed when first opening up a monogamous relationship to another structure that is more open to other partners of some type.

  1. Met an interesting individual.

  2. Shared information you are Polyamorous / have another committed relationship of ________ sort. (Poly, Open, ENM, etc)

  3. Texting with person

  4. Connecting with each other on Social Media – FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

  5. Emails or phone calls.

  6. Meeting up at social events but not going together.

  7. Plans for 1:1 daytime interactions.

  8. Plans for 1:1 evening interactions.

  9. Heads up prior to or right after: hand holding, snuggling hugs, kisses,

  10. Heads up when the above changes to one of the above levels.

  11. Setting up areas such as:

  • Emotional intimacy such as; pet names, sweet names, declarations of romantic intentions

  • “Making out”

  • Sexting

  • Phone sex

  • Non-insertive sex

  • Insertive sex

  • Etc.

Written / compiled from clients by Tracy Deagan LCSW, LPCS

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Polyamory; A Couple's Ego Analytical Approach - Tracy Deagan LPC-S, LCSW-S

Small group Polyamory workshops for clients and CEU workshop for therapists!

Call or write to get a space!

Polyamory Training for Counseling Professionals:

Ethical Issues in our Modern Relationships

Come get information on the new type of relationship sweeping our nation: Polyamory. Polyamory is a way of keeping your current relationship but adding new ones in an ethical, loving, self and other caring style. It literally means “more than one love” and all our clients need and deserve more love in their lives.

Many think this way of conducting relationships is a way to avoid divorce, the pifalls of serial monogamy etc. This style allows for continuity in relationships without client having to cut off the possability of more love in their lives.

In this training you will learn the basics of this relating style and have the opportunity to decide for yourself whether it is an ethical, viable way of relating for your clients. This could potentially give you a new expertise to share with your clients!

The training leader, Tracy Deagan LPC-S., LCSW-S, is an expert in Polyamory and couples work. She brings more than 26 years of therapy skills and knowledge to her trainings.

Tracy's trainings are also fun!

In a 2016 traditional Ethics class every participant rated the class as fun and informative, helping them to build skills that will help their practice be successful.

Training is available for group of 5 or more. You can meet at my comfortable and unusual downtown location in a hundred year old, renovated church or I can come to you at your offices.

So, get your collegues or friends together and have individualized, interesting and fun Ethics this year. You will earn 3 CEU credits that meet requirements for Ethics for LPC's and Social Workers.

Call (512) 796-3457 to get more information today!

PLEASE NOTE: While we have had good reports on al the doctors we list, unfortunately, we can not guarantee your experience. Please check out each professional you work with well - every professional should welcome questions and be able to answer in plain language. Also please share feedback with the community if you can.

Austin, TX Doctors that provide hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

  • Central Family Practice,

    • varied doctors

    • 512-371-9260

    • Does not take insurance ***Highly recommended (Except Elliot Tressler MD) ***

  • Todd Canon, MD

    • South Austin Medical Clinic

    • 2555 Western Trails Blvd Suite 101, Austin, TX 78745 United States

    • 512 892 6600

    • Takes Insurance. Endocrinology, Family Practice

  • Dr. Brynna Connor


    • Does not take insurance *** Highly Recommended ***

  • M. Rayner Dickey, MD

    • 1604 Nueces St., Austin, Texas 78701

    • (512).452.3000 (voice), (512) 452.3004 (fax)

    • Call regarding insurance, Highly Recommended

  • Dr. Lindsay Harrison

    • 6500 N Mopac, Bldg 3, Ste 200 Austin, TX 78731

    • (512) 458-8400

    • Endocrinology

  • Stephanie Shaw

    • 170 Deep Wood Dr #104, Round Rock, TX 78681

    • Phone: (512) 458-8400

    • Takes Insurance *** Highly Recommended ***

  • Dr. Hillary Miller

    • 6835 Austin Center Blvd, Austin, TX 78731,

    • (512) 346-6611

    • Takes Insurance

>> Voice Training Resources for people in transition

Why "Violet Crown" Counseling?

When naming our counseling practice we wanted the name to reflect two things: our Austin / Central Texas location and our commitment to diversity.

When a friend suggested Violet Crown we were intrigued. In researching the origin of the name we came across the following in Wikipedia:

“According to the City of Austin's History Center, the phrase was first used in O. Henry's story "Tictocq: The Great French Detective, In Austin", published in The Rolling Stone on October 27, 1894."

In chapter 2 of Tictocq, O. Henry writes: "The drawing-rooms of one of the most magnificent private residences in Austin are a blaze of lights. Carriages line the streets in front, and from gate to doorway is spread a velvet carpet, on which the delicate feet of the guests may tread. The occasion is the entrée into society of one of the fairest buds in the City of the Violet Crown."[2]”

We also saw :

“The phrase is generally thought to refer to the atmospheric phenomenon more commonly known as the Belt of Venus. The phrase is also said to be connected to the moonlight towers of Austin[3].”

We thought, 'What could be more Austin than this?'. Plus the reference to Venus, goddess of love seemed appropriate as the center was born out of love - our love of working together and our love of our community which we all have a long-standing commitment to.

The name also incorporated the traditional “alternative” or “gay” color purple as well as invoking “kings” and “queens” - which some of our members proudly identify as.

We hope you like it as much as we do.

Violet Crown Counseling (512) 796-3457 Austin, TX