The Grounds

La Fiaca's extensive private grounds provide a luxurious retreat from the outside world. Here you can relax and do nothing, spend the afternoon reading a good book in one of our hammocks suspended between palm trees near the beach, linger on an inviting bench, or watch pelicans soar overhead. View the many varieties of orchids which grow on the property. Enjoy fresh fruit from our orchard, pick fresh herbs or vegetables for your dinner, or enjoy a cool sip of coconut milk from a young coconut, known locally as pipa. Or just head for the magnificent beach, only steps away,  along a hand laid cobble path...

You will probably appreciate another wonderful advantage we have on Playa Bandera: The beachfront road runs along the property behind the house, instead of along the beach in front of it, between you and the ocean, which is the case on many other Costa Rican beaches.
Refer to our Gallery  for lots more images and to our Video for a more comprehensive property tour