Care for hair extensions



*FUSION METHOD: strand by strand weights about .5-1 grams each strand. Each strand are bond with keratin glue to your own hair. Lasts 3-4 months.

*MICRO BEADS METHOD: strand by strand weights about .5-1 grams each strand. Each strand are bond with small beads to your own hair. Lasts 3-4 months.

*TAPE METHOD: For special occasions and short term wearing. Lasts around one month to six weeks.

Please read each of the following statements/sections carefully and follow the directions on this page will

This emphasizes that you take care of the added hair. Hair extensions properly applied and cared for are a beautiful and exciting way to have longer, thicker hair or even add color to the hair. If you follow steps listed here , we guarantee your experience will be rewarding. Remember is in our best interest to have your extensions always looking and feeling their best …and of course, you too want your extension to be fabulous.

__NEVER GO TO BED WITH WET HAIR! If you do, tangles will occur and it may be difficult at times to untangle them, once they become dry overnight. Dry your hair as much as possible and then put your hair into one big loose braid.

__Prevention of tangles is the single most important aspect of hair extension. When shampoo do not scrub excessively. Massage your scalp and gently work the shampoo to the ends. Flood rinse thoroughly. Brush gently from the scalp to the ends, use a loop brush when hair is wet and bristle brush when dry (working from the ends to the scalp). DO NOT SHAMPOO FOR 2 DAYS AFTER YOUR HAIR EXTENSION APPLIED. You may rinse your hair and use a spray leave-in conditioner. You should not wash your hair with your face down. Always tilt your head back and work shampoo from scalp to ends. Never dry with a scrubbing action, or wrap with a wet towel to absorb the water

__Clients should NEVER; perm and or use any other types of chemicals without consulting their stylist first.

__After having extension applied the client, clients must return to the salon for routine follow-up visits. The first time should be after 2 weeks. Failure to do so will result in forfeit. Also failure to call and notify the stylist of any problems that you experience with your extensions will also result in forfeit any given warranty from your stylist.

__Some bonds may get a little tangled if you do not brush your hair on a regular basis therefore, the natural fall-out of your natural of your own hair may cause a little tangle between bonds. If this occur, don’t hesitates to call your stylist.

__Just like your natural hair, you should take into advice not to allow chlorine water from the swimming pool or Jacuzzis stay in the hair extensions. Rinse thoroughly and use shampoo and conditioner. Then let the conditioner set on your hair for 3 minutes, rinse hair with warm water (NOT hot water).

__Always remember…even if you do not wash your hair, RINSE THROUGHLY, lightly towel dry and use leave in conditioner. This will help to neutralize any impurities that may be in the water that would be left behind on the hair. Following these guidelines will help increase the longevity of your hair extension.

__It is normal to lose a few extensions per month. If this occur within a short timeframe, DON’T PANIC! Return to your stylist and have them replaced. (It is very similar to having color touch ups done on a regular basis).

__VERY IMPORTANT!!! If any other stylist other than the original extensionist performs ANY service on your hair INCLUDING; perm, color, bleach, haircut, shampoo, blow dry, and styling the WARRANTY WILL BE VOINDED!!. Your stylist will try very hard to insure your extensions stay perfect as long as you wear them. PLEASE don’t let someone ruin the hard work that was done by your extensionist/stylist.

__Do not pull unnecessarily on the extensions, do not use shampoos high in alcohol or oil content, do not bunch up the hair when washing.

__Once deposits and orders of hair are made, there are NO CASH REFUNDS and CONNOT be return to the manufacturer due to each order is custom filled and such cannot and will not be used on another client.

__A client MAY NOT try the extensions out for a short period of time then decide that they do not want them in, once the extensions are placed in the hair, NO REFUNDS will be given!! If this does occur, hair can be removed (By the stylist only) at no additional cost provided that the extensions are to be removed in a reasonable of time (one week) and must agreeable with the stylist. Any time after the grace period (7 days), a service fee will be incurred for the removal of the extensions (This fee is to be determined at the time of service ($50/hr for removal).

__Please remember the abuse or misuse of the styling tools such as; combs, brushes, blow dryers , hot irons, hot rollers, as well as over the counter hair care products may or can result in damaging your hair extensions.

__Avoid using hot styling tool such as; flat iron, curling iron, blow dry directly or near extension bond. This may cause the extension to fall out.

__Failure to this guidelines in this maintenance program/contract is ground for forfeiture of the warranty.

__I do not hold any person responsible in any way for my decision in applying these hair extensions. In the event I decide not to keep the hair extensions, I am fully responsible for the total payment of services rendered. I also understand the explanation of the entire procedure and I an aware that with proper care on my part, they should remain in my hair for at least 30 days. I understand that if allergic reaction occurs my stylist is not hold responsible.

__The charge for removal is not included in the original fee. ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS!


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TAPE IN HAIR EXTENSIONS: Hair extensions uses for short term wearing. Lasts 3-6 weeks depending on how fast the hair grow.

* Do not use any heat on the tape part. Including, blow dryer, flat iron, curling iron.

* Dont brush too hard on the scalp area.

* Dont use any conditioner on the scalp where the extensions place.

* Don't scrub excessively on the extensions area.