μSys architects complex platform, systems level and embedded real time DSP and embedded control software in C/C++, Java, AJAX, PHP, TCL and Perl, with system modeling, design and verification done in Ptolemy, SystemC, MathCad, Spice, VHDL and Verilog. We have familiarity with the following technologies

  • Model Reference Adaptive Control (MRAC) - mean square error gradient descent (LMS) algorithm

  • Adaptive auto-tuning profiling PID control

    • Controllers for real-time adaptive stability, vibration and noise control, adaptive modeling, de-convolution and targeting

  • Optical Flow and Motion Estimation application development

  • DSP programming, discrete mathematics, Hilbert transform, N-ary QAM, QPSK, OFDM, FEC, Detection & Estimation

  • DSP Base-band symbol timing and recovery, multi-dimensional LMS stochastic gradient descent channel modeling

  • Embedded wireless telemetry systems with BlueTooth and ZigBee MAC, and custom proprietary stacks

  • GPS/GPRS/GIS software and hardware systems integration

  • EDA tool development with expertise in Spice, XSpice3f5, CM API tools

  • Recursive Descent Language Parsers and Compilers in Java/C++

  • Java, J2EE/J2SE, Servlets, JavaScript, DOM, XML, GML, RMI, JNI, Swing, STRUTS

  • GUI application development in C/C++, Java, TCL

  • Multithreaded Berkley Sockets, Client/Server, application development.

  • TCP/IP, UDP, TFTP, FTP, NFS, DHCP application development