μSys provides technical advisory and consulting services within the fields of advanced electronics and power control systems. Our services commit to providing a high quality technical expertise product at a high benefit to cost ratio. We design, develop and manufacture customized hardware and feedback control software solutions for ultra high efficiency power control, conversion and embedded digital control systems. Since 1995 our hardware and software architectures have been applied in areas such as mixed-signal co-simulation software, wireless data telemetry, propulsion and guidance, vibration control, platform stabilization, model reference profiling adaptive controllers, energy harvesting, grid-tie inverters and switched mode power conversion systems for solar photovoltaic, wind and other emerging renewable energy technology applications.

Providing our customers access to customized technical advisement and market research within their target industry, facilitates an integral component of a well informed, successfully managed product development strategy. We assist our clients in developing ambitious concepts, solutions and implementations that maximize their return on investment while mitigating technological obsolescence and unnecessary systemic risk.

At μSys, "innovation is the IP".


Corporate clients understand and value our technical development and advisement services built upon a comprehensive base of various engineering expertise essential to the successful development and deployment of sophisticated mathematics based electronic control systems. It is worth noting that our current and continued ability to offer such specialized state-of-the-art technical services is incumbent upon a continuous and unabated system of both financial and temporal resource reinvestment in research and development activities. Our clients benefit through the amortization of R&D costs across the entire client base both past and present.

We offer three tiers of basic services to our clients, which may be further customized to fit a client's budget, schedule and technical requirements. These may be described concisely as follows.

    1. Turn-key development: Specification, architecture, design and development services, in either a self performing capacity or in partnership with a foreign third party entity. Full system simulation and technical design documentation are typically byproducts of projects within this category. This option is suitable for a projected duration in excess of three months.

    2. Technical and engineering practices auditing: Intellectual property auditing, operational engineering business and strategic market sector entry advisement. These goals are achieved through specifications and functional verification test plan development, hardware and software scrutiny and evaluation, and engineering operations observation and scrutiny, as related to the fields of our core competency. In this role we operate as the principal advocacy and oversight authority concerning project engineering activities. This option is suitable for projected duration under three months.

    3. Premium retained on demand technical advocacy: Operating in a similar functional capacity as described in (2) above, this premium service is suitable for short duration teleconference opinion generation and other technical oversight and auditing activities with a defined sub weekly duration.