MRAC-2v3-0 The MRA-2v3-0 Model Reference Adaptive (MRA) Controller performs where a PID controller is inadequate for the task at hand. In many control applications where plant dead time (delay) is significant, the ubiquitous PID controller fails to perform its task adequately if at all. Plants can be classified as either close or loosely coupled systems. The combination of an electric motor and a rotor position sensor can be classified as a closely coupled feedback systems. An electric oven and thermal sensor however can be classified as a loosely coupled feedback system. This is because heat from the heating element takes significant conduction and convection time (delay) to reach the thermal sensor. MRA controllers can provide superior performance in Distributed Bragg Reflector (DRB) Laser stabilization, precision temperature control, vibration control and platform stabilization applications. The MRAC-2v3-0 is an ANSI C, hand coded programmable dual loop Model Reference Adaptive Controller implementation on a 45MHz Freescale ARM Cortex M3, MKL25Z128VLK4 MCU. With a sample rate fs=1kHz, the closed loop bandwidth is 5Hz. The algorithm can be ported to MCU's with higher operating frequencies to achieve greater closed loop bandwidths.

GTI-ISO-1K1-120 This state of the art, isolated and digitally controlled 1.1kW power converter achieves > 97.5% efficiency with < 3% THD at 120VAC @ 60 Hz output, over the entire input voltage range of 10-14VDC @ 120A.

The unit can be operated as either a true grid tied inverter or active load, or may be operated independently as a high efficiency inverter. The three stage isolated design features dual DSP controllers, N+1 redundancy and load current sharing and is highly customizable through an available programming interface.

Dimensions: 12"L x 10"W x 2.5"H (with all plug-in modules installed)

Options include up to 50VDC input, up to 254VAC output, variable frequency output to 20kHz, SPI, Ethernet or USB connectivity and a customized http web client interface. Prototypes may be provided to approved customers under NDA. Availability and pricing are scheduled for Q4 2013.

HBM_v2 This totem-pole half bridge MOSFET driver module accepts a 60V maximum bus voltage and can source or sink in excess of 100A. Four of these cards comprise a 120A full H-bridge

that drives the GTI-ISO-1K1-120 isolated side high frequency ferrite power transformer.

The module accepts 3.3V TTL input signaling and provides fully isolated signaling for the

high side switch.

Dimensions: 1.4"W 2"H

SEPIC-12V-25W-RAH This 25W DC-DC non-isolated SEPIC

converter takes in input of 5-50V and produces a regulated 12V output.

The device powers the GTI-ISO-1K1-120 isolated side control circuitry.

Dimensions: 1.4"W 2"H.

ISO-LLC-12V-PSU This 10W state of the art, DC-DC LLC

converter takes a 12V input and provides an isolated 12V output.

The device powers the GTI-ISO-1K1-120 line side control circuitry.

Dimensions: 2"W 1"H.

GD-V1-SO-SIL This isolated 1kV withstand, semiconductor gate driver can source or sink up to 10A in 10ns and is used to drive all high voltage power MOSFETs on the GTI-ISO-1K1-120 power controller board. The device is versatile, accepting any 12V power input with 3.3V TTL input signaling. The isolated output switches from +15V down to -3.3V and can drive IGBTs or MOSFETs.

Dimensions: 1"W 1.5"H


Verilog-Spice Co-Simulation with Schematic Capture