XSpiceHDL, a cycle accurate mixed signal Spice-Verilog co-simulator, was developed during the three year period between 2002 and 2004. It was released as open source on SourceForge in 2003 and can be downloaded here.


Enhanced net pitching moment multi-wing vtol compact personal aircraft

A patent application is a document describing an invention. The US Patent and Trademark Office (see is a branch of the US government charged with the responsibility of determining novelty of an application for endorsement and legal protection of an invention. I was granted such legal protection for my invention which depicts the embodiment of an aircraft designed specifically for the purpose of vertical takeoff and landing and aerodynamically efficient horizontal flight. More importantly the embodiment claims that the frontal profile of a plurality of parallel wings of which the aircraft is comprised, is a square. Why? Because a square is a rectangle that maximizes an area encompassed by the sum of its sides. One may therefore fit a maximum quantity of wingspan (parallel wings) into a square. The patent application document can be found at

The USPTO Notice of Allowance indicative of ensuing grant can be found here, then click on "View Dossier" and then "Notice of Allowance and Fees Due".