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USS Howard W. Gilmore (AS-16)
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For the Crew, Families and Friends

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We Wish Them Well, Gods Speed and All Safe Return
And Then, Welcome Them Home!
A Prayer For Our Troops


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This Web Page is Dedicated to:

The Crew, their Families and the Friends of the USS Howard W. Gilmore (AS-16), and to our, and their, Great-Grand Children, as a way of providing information of-and-from the past, which is something that I have always wanted.
- Eldon R. Brown, Feb 1997.
The following excerpt from the 2006 Ships Log says it all - thanks, Earl.
. . . . I did more growing up in that time period than any other in my life. My most vivid recollection was a six week cruise to the Carribean, not so much for the destination but for the exhiliration of being out to sea, especially at night when I would sit up on the forecastle taking in the wondrous moonlit seascape, the sound of the ship cutting through the water and the intoxicating smell of the ocean. The Gilmore was more than just a ship, it was an awakening for me for which I will always be thankful. Rest in peace my silent friend, you did your job . . . .
- Earl W. Silvia, Jun 2006.

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The NEW Ships Log

Please Sign or View our Ship Log. Previous years logs are available as links at the bottom of the Ship Log page.
    Due to abuse, the Ships Log was disabled for most of year 2004. But, now the Ships Log has been re-enabled, with methods to help reduce abuse.

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Presented to me by the Crew,
Inscription Reads

E.R. Brown
3 Oct 67 - 31 Mar 72
With God and Country Taken Care of,
Life Should Improve

USS H. W. Gilmore (AS-16) Patch,
Donated by: Steven L. Pfeiffer

Gilmore at San Juan Puerto Rico

USS Howard W. Gilmore (AS-16)
San Juan Puerto Rico, 1967

Is it possible to SAVE a ship, like this Grand Old Lady?
No, It does NOT look like it!, See Pre Current Status

She has DONE and SEEN so much,
and now,
Our MEMORIES only contains ECHOS of Her EMPTY spaces!

I, for one, would have liked to sail with Her, and the Crew, again, . . . . and someday I will.

Letters Received:

Wed, 29 Mar 2006 17:48:35 -0800

Mr. Brown,

Subject: H. W. Gilmore

Tomorrow I have the duty and the honor of taking the GILMORE on her final voyage. As Docking Pilot, I will direct the tow from the James River Reserve fleet to Bay Bridge Enterprises in Chesapeake, VA for scrapping. While aboard I will thank this ship and her crew for their service to our country in war and peace. I will try to send a few pictures if possible.

Thank You All,
Kevin Eley

Fri, 31 Mar 2006 08:51:37 -0500

Mr. Brown,

Subject: H. W. Gilmore

The tow went well, she behaved like a lady. Scrapping is scheduled to be completed by Oct 15. For anyone local in Tidewater, VA , the ship is visible to the North from the US-13, Military Highway, bridge over the Southern Branch of the Elizabeth River in Chesapeake. The GILMORE is alongside the PAWCATUCK.

Best wishes to all of her crew,
Kevin Eley

Fri, 31 Mar 2006 11:43:20 -0500

Mr. Brown,

Subject: H. W. Gilmore

Here is a local press clipping. I had two tugs made fast on the stbd side, that gave her a slight list to stbd and gave her the look of being under her own power!

Regards, Kevin

 Fri, 31 Mar 2006 13:37:26 -0500

Captain Eley.

Subject: H. W. Gilmore

Thanks Captain, For the kind words and caring.

From all of the Crew and Friends

Eldon Brown

Association Information

For Gilmore Association, Reunion and Offices.

Our Pledge of Allegiance

    These words were spoken by the late Red Skelton on his television program as he related the story of his teacher, Mr. Laswell, who felt his students had come to think of the Pledge of Allegiance as merely something to recite in class each day.

The Veteran's Salute

The proposed Veteran's Salute.

Our Photo Album (not working yet)

With some browsers, The Photo Album will create an additional window, just close it to come back here.

We now have a new, complete navigated Photo Album, which I have moved all of the currently available photos. Please send me photos that should be included here for all to see!

Click here for a Google Earth View of the Gilmore on The James River.

Download Google Earth to use the above link.

Some Special Photo Contributions

  • Battle Dress of the 1940's Photo Donated by: Kevan R. Neff in memory of his Father
  • SpringBorad 1967 Photo Book, thanks to Robert Shaulis for finding and scanning his copy.
  • SpringBorad 1968 Photo Book.
  • The latest General Photos of the H. W. Gilmore (ready for salvage), taken by Wayne Smith in 1997.
  • The Feb 1968, Gilmore and Subron Four Globe (250K), thanks to my shipmate Bob Stothfang for making it available.
  • Thanks to Clyde J. Yencer for these pictures of, Capt. Paul Klinedinst "The XO" that was killed while servering aboard the Gilmore, he is remembered by many!
  • Thanks to Ken Hogue ETCS Ret for the these 1975 photos to our Album.
  • In Memory of Thomas Berry Snipes, excerts from his personal 1944 Gilmore Photo Log, a bit of history.

To Support our Troops, Special Photo Contributions

As a special thanks and tribute to Our Troops, any and all current photos will be included here. Send to me any that you have, depending how many I receive, I may setup a special page just for them.

Life At Sea

Short Stories Told By The Crew - as they were there.
Do you have something that should be included?


Letters and e-mail from my Shipmates

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