Our Accomplishments

This is the situation a few of us found in September 2012 when we tried to fix the colony on 19th street: No holding space to bring the cats before and after surgery, no traps, no drop trap, no crates, no dividers, no non-profit status (501c3), no grants, no access to the income and expenses from the group, only four members attended the monthly meeting, we were paying 15% of the donations as administrative fees, no Union City pick up of cats to be fixed, strained relations with local elected officials, and surprisingly and disappointingly the individuals that were leading the efforts were opposed to applying to non-profit status and to applying for grants. They also asked us to give them 15% of all donations and no one knew what they were doing with the donations. In addition, local officials were skeptical and hesitant to support cat activities because past donations of traps had resulted in all traps being unaccounted for, a non-profit organization was not formed, and no grant was applied to (everything donated by local officials was lost). There were also many long and unproductive meetings with few accomplishments.

Our most important accomplishment is that we are now placing more than 100 homeless cats in homes each year. See our Facebook site, www.facebook.com/ucfcc  , for pictures and details of those cats.  See also our below  newsletters for profiles of our rescue cats. Our group has more than 250 cat lovers mostly from North Hudson County and as of Jan 2022 we spent more than $225,000 of our own money caring for the homeless cats. All of this while having ZERO administrative fees, 24/7 open books at www.tinyurl.com/ucfccincomeandexpenses    and www.tinyurl.com/ucfccreceipts , where everybody can see 24/7 how we spend their donations and while none of us has ever nor will ever be paid for helping the cats. We also allow anyone from any city to find homes to any friendly cat for free, as long as they help us feed the cats at North Bergen PetSmart only once per week.

In 2020, 2021, and 2022, we  received the Platinum Seal of Transparency, their highest rating, received by less that 0.5% of the non profit organizations in the US, from GuideStar.org, which rates the financial management of non profit organizations. Here is our profile in GuideStar : https://www.guidestar.org/profile/46-2849022.

See the attached 2023 Press Release for a summary of our accomplishments.

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