Our Pastor

Pastor Robert Davis has been preaching on an interim basis.

Pastor Davis is coming to us from Eagle, Nebraska. He is married to Vicki. They have 4 children and 3 grandchildren.

He graduated in 1995 from Westminster Seminary in California with a Master in Divinity. After serving as a pastor from 1996 to 2001, he chose to work outside the church to help send his children to Christian school after being homeschooled by Vicki.

Working as an electronic tech for Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad since 2002, he hopes continue serving as providing pulpit supply and hopes to return to full time ministry in a few years after retirement.

“If you would like preaching which believes the Bible is the Word of God , then you will like me preaching, “ Pastor Davis says. He shares the law and the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in every sermon, has a passion for preaching God’s Word and has a heart for the lost.

Pastor Davis has served in many positions in church life such as elder, Sunday School teacher, Bible teacher and pulpit supply.

Pastoral Care is also provided by Kim Dunker.  She can be reached at 402-759-8081