Wed., May 3--6:00--Called to Care team meeting
            7:00--Cabinet Meeting

Sun., May 7--9:15--Sunday School and Young at Heart Bible Study
            10:30--Worship with Diane Ryder
            11:30--Covered dish dinner following worship

Wed., May 10--8:00--Trustees Meeting

Sun., May 14--9:15 Sunday School and Young at Heart Bible Study
        10:30--Worship with Diane Ryder
                    Sr. Choir and Jr. Choir
                    Promotion Sunday
                    Confirmation Sunday
                    Honoring 50-Year Members
        11:30--Reception for Confirmation class and 50-yr. members and our graduate

Wed, May 16--7:00--Women's Fellowship

Sun., May 21--9:15--Young at Heart Bible Study

Tues., May 23--5:30--Stock Our Shelves

Wed., May 24--8:00--Mission and Outreach Meeting

Sun., May 28--9:15--Young at Heart Bible Study

Sun., June 4--9:15--Young at Heart Bible Study

We., June 7--7:00--Cabinet Meeting

Stock Our Shelves (SOS)
the 4th Tuesday of every month 5:00-6:30

Items available to those in need:
  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • Toilet paper
  • Paper towels
  • Deodorant
  • Shaving cream and razors
  • Feminine products
  • Shampoo and conditioner for adults and children
  • Soap, antibiotic soap, baby soap
  • Laundry soap and dish soap

Heifer International

    During Lent, the children will be raising money to purchase additional animals for Heifer International.  in 2015, three pigs and one Flock of Hope which consisted of chickens, ducks and geese were purchased for $420.  In 2016, one water buffalo, one pig, one goat and two flocks of ducks were purchased for $530. 
    We were able to raise $652.66!  Enough money to purchase ALL the animals!!

Called to Care
    If you are shut in or hospitalized and you would like a Called to Care team member to visit, please call the office to let us know.   Privacy laws prevent hospitals from notifying churches when you are in the hospital, so please let your family know that you would like a visit.  Leave a phone message at the church phone number:  402-759-3239.  If it is on the weekend, on the church's cell phone number:  402-759-2545.

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