Photo courtesy of  L.A. Times  by  Peter DaSilva

       Welcome to Corti TV           

Grocers & Wine merchants since 1947, Corti Brothers is one of the country's most knowledgeable resources in food, wine and spirits.  Lead by Darrell Corti, one of the world's  greatest experts of food, wine and spirits,  Corti Brothers is recognized as a culinary Mecca destination. Corti Brothers retails, imports, exports, consults, develops, and sets trends in the national food and beverage world.  This site is dedicated to showcase the travels and happenings of Darrell Corti and Corti Brothers.      ~Bio link~ 

"The man who knows more about food and wine than anyone else in America."  

- Ruth Reichl, former editor of Gourmet Magazine, in her memoir Comfort Me with Apples, Colman Andrews, former editor of Saveur Magazine

"Darrell opened my eyes to products from around the world. He is an amazing person who knows everything about everything. Not just what it is, but how it's produced from beginning to end." 

- Alice Waters- Chez Panisse.

"He is deeply knowledgeable on a wide variety of culinary topics and always willing to share that knowledge. For many food lovers, before there was Google, there was Darrell."                        

- Russ Parsons - Former Food Editor Los Angeles Times

"I relied on Darrell Corti for specialty foods that were hard to come by. “Corti Brothers was really a huge source of ingredients and inspiration. At Chez Panisse, I would [ask] Darrell, “Where can I find this? What is this?” He educated me. What I didn’t know about, I would call Darrell and he would have the answer.  He’s wonderful."

- Jeremiah Tower - American celebrity chef who founded the famed Stars Restaurant in San Francisco

"I don't think that there is anyone who has done more for Italian food than Darrell Corti."

- Piero Selvaggio - Owner Valentino Restaurant


Contained within theses pages you will see a growing number of video/photo blogs covering the local, regional, national, and international travel and events experienced by Darrell Corti and myself.  I shoot the photographs and video , do all of the editing, write the commentary, and set the layout of the blogs. Some of the professional footage was shot by industry veteran Esther Ritter.  All this is done in an effort to share Darrell and our experiences in food, drink and travel with our friends, peers, customers, and those interested in what we do.  Scroll through the menu to see the blog posts.

We hope you enjoy the ride along...

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            - Rick Mindermann