TV Remote Control

TV Remote Control

This is the latest addition to the Touch-And-G0 app.

This turns a laptop into a touchscreen remote control for a Sky or Sky+ digibox.

It is based around the excellent USB to RF link sold by the nice people over at Dusky Controls ( They also provided a superb application with full source code which enabled me to integrate their control into Touch-And-Go.

The principle is the same as the other screens. Set up a list of Images with corresponding .txt files. The .txt files should contain the commands you want to send to the TV; each command should be separated with a colon. For example for Disney Channel - 609 on Sky:

The application can also (optionally) capture your TV playback (if you have such) and display TV inside the app:

I have the TerraTec Cinergy USB/RF Tuner which I got fairly cheaply from a Play.COM sale a while back.