Media Player

The Media Player

The original rason I wrote this app was for my son to play movies. The first edition of the app was called Conor's Media Player or CMP, so if you see any references to those names here that's why.

The media player selection screen so is the first screen that appears when you run the app.

Single clicking on an icon on this list will play the movie.

Large simple buttons allow player control

Click the "Advanced" checkbox to make the Media Player controls appear.

When "Autohide" is checked then the controls hide themselves after 10 seconds without the mouse being moved. Move the mouse to make them reappear.

How to make videos appear in the media player:

    1. Put digital copies of your movies on your device.

    2. - Supported formats are AVI and MP4

    3. Configure the folders in the parents app to scan the folder for movies. The application automatically scans the folder and up to 4 levels of subfolder too.

    4. To make the movies appear in the media player with a nice image do one of the following 2 things

      1. Place a JPG named the same as the movie in the folder with the movie. So, for example, of you have a movie called "The Great Adventure.AVI" then the image file should be called "The Great Adventure.JPG"

      2. Add an image to the movie metadata. This option only works for MP4 files, and even then it'll sometimes not work. iTunes is probably the best app to use to add the images to the movies.

      3. Remember - the images will displayed as a small icon on the screen, so try and pick images that are quite small to begin with.