Program Runner

The Program Runner

This tab allows easy access to other programs on the computer that the kid may want to run.

Single clicking on an icon on this list will run the program

How to make programs appear in the program runner:

    1. Create links to the programs you want to run.

    2. - Generally you can right click on the program in windows explorer and choose "Create Shortcut". This should create a LNK file which you can then move to the program runner folder.

    3. Configure the folder in the parents app to scan the folder for program links.

    4. To make the program links appear in the program runner with a nice image do the following

    5. - Place a JPG named the same as the program link in the folder with the link. So, for example, of you have a program called "Paint.LNK" then the image file should be called "Paint.JPG"