FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Common Issues and Solutions

I have installed the App, but the main screen is blank

The main screen is designed to provide an image based/one touch interface to the app. Most likely you have not added the images to the device yet. See the section on adding images below.

I cannot input anything on the main screen

Most likely you have not yet added the images yet. There is no typing system available on the main screen as the app is geared towards non-verbal individuals. Instead there should be 2 scrolling lists with images that the user can select to create a sentence; the top list has common things like sentence starters, food, clothes etc; once an item is selected on this list the central list with the actual individual items becomes populated with the available choices; clicking on an item in this list adds the item to the sentence board down the bottom of the screen.

How do I add the free touch-and-go image set

Run the app.

Press the menu button on your device and select download

Acknowledge the download information checkbox and press download.

The first time you download there can be issues downloading all the images, I'm afraid I have not worked out why yet, but if you also check the "Overwrite existing" checkbox it does seem to download the images better. There are 270+ images, so it can take a little while. If the download fails, simply retry and it should resume the download.

After downloading the images your folder on the memory of the android device should look something like this when view via a Microsoft computer

Click to zoom

I have PECS images on CD - how do I use them.

  1. Locate the "TouchAndGoSpeech" folder on the memory card of the android device. You can usually do this by connecting a USB cable to your device or by putting the memory card from the device into your computers card reader.

  2. Create a subfolder below the "TouchAndGoSpeech" folder called "01. Favourites"

  3. Now to add PECS images you need to manually copy the PECS files to the "TouchAndGoSpeech" folder on your devices memory store.

  4. You should now have a folder called "TouchAndGoSpeech" with a subfolder and the following subfolder "01. Favourites" and the PECS folders "Sentence Starters", "Food and Drink", "Verbs and Actions" etc... The app loads the folders in the order they appear on the folder. To order the folders in a way that suits you prefix the PECS folders with a 2 number code, for instance "02. Sentence Starters", "03. Food and Drink", "04. Verbs and Actions" etc...

  5. Finally, you must have an image for each folder you want to appear, the image must be named exactly the same as the folder, but have an image extension. So for the folder "\TouchAndGoSpeech\01. Favorites" to appear in the app you must have an image called "\TouchAndGoSpeech\01. Favorites.jpg". Likewise "\TouchAndGoSpeech\2. Sentence Starters" must have an image called "\TouchAndGoSpeech\2. Sentence Starters.jpg". These images can be anything you want, whatever makes most sense to the app user.

I have the images now loaded, how do I personalise them

There are 3 things you can do with the images within the app

  1. Add an image to the favorites.

  2. Find the image you want to add into the favorites and long press on the image. From the popup menu choose "Add to favorites"

  3. Rename an image.

  4. Find the image you want to rename and long press on the image. From the popup menu choose "Rename Selected Item", then type your preferred text.

  5. Delete an image.

  6. Find the image you want to delete and long press on the image. From the popup menu choose "Delete from Category", then click OK on the messagebox to confirm that you are sure you want to proceed.

How do I add my own images

There are 2 things you can do.

  1. There is a built in screen for using the device camera (if it has one). There you can select a category for the picture and a name and then use the app to snap the picture.

  2. Copy any image to a preexisting folder on the sdcard of your device and it should appear in the app. Remember that the images should be kept small to save space on the devices memory and to prevent unnecessarily long load times for image lists. If you want to create your own category of images then you can create a folder and place an image with the exact same name in the "\TouchAndGoSpeech\" folder - there are more detailed instructions regarding this under the PECS section above.

I cannot install from the Android Market

In case people have issues (or people without market at all!) I have also put the installer on this website

  1. Go to the downloads section Downloads

  2. Download the file TouchAndGoSpeak_Signed.apk (this is the same file the android market sends to your phone)

  3. If you downloaded the file directly to you device then skip to step 4.

  4. If you downloaded to another device then you need to copy the file to the memory card of the device, usually you can do this using a usb cable connected to the device, or by taking the memory card out of the device and copying it using a memory card reader.

  5. Now you need enable 3rd party application (non market apps) on your device; on the device go to settings, applications, ensure the checkbox for "Unknown Sources" if ticked.

  6. If you have downloaded the file from your android device or have copied it to the sdcard already then find it on the sdcard (usually in the download or downloads folder) and select the file from there. A file browser is required on your device for this...if you don't have one then you can download the free file browser called "Astro" from the market. It's free, but ad supported, but at least it works and is free.

  7. Run the installer.

  8. Assuming the installer works then you need to go to menu and downloads and download the application images (or if you already have the PECS CD you can just copy them to the sd card too)

I hear nothing when I press the voice image button

There are 2 possible (that I know) reasons for this

  1. Most frequently if the voice synthesis does not work then you may need to go to Settings, Text-To-Speech and install the voice data from there.

  2. Some devices and tables do not have the stock android capabilities built in. If the text to speech is not available on your device by default then within the app press the menu button, then select the settings screen. Here you can install the free ESpeak app and data from the bottom section.

There are several steps to this

The app says it's unregistered every time I run it

The app has 1 popup that says it is unregistered that appears once upon the app starting. It is functionally the same as the registered version as I want the app to be available to all regardless of their ability to pay. To remove the popup you may register the app (costs about 1 euro) via the in app menu options. Registering is not necessary and the app is fully functional without it, but I do appreciate your support.