Touch And Go-Speak for Android

Touch and Go - Speak for Android

Image you could turn your phone/tablet into an assisted communication device/mobile PECS board.

I am proud to announce that a version of touch-and-go with the picture exchange and voice synthesis is available on the android market. Please see to downlaod and install.

This is an app to turn an android phone into an assisted communication device. This app can be used to augment a PECS program or as a mobile PECS board.

It is aimed at non-verbal kids on the Autism Spectrum and for anyone who could benefit from visual communication tools (regardless of label!).

A free set of images is provided via the website or for download directly from the app or is available from the downloads section of this site.

Voice synthesis is achieved through the use of the built in Android Text to Speech capabilities or eSpeak can be used if the native TTS is missing.