Todd Lab members

Principal Investigator: 

Peter K. Todd, M.D., Ph.D.


Peter is an Associate Professor and the Inaugural Bucky and Patti Harris Professor of Neurology. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California, San Diego and then entered the Medical Science Training Program at the University of Wisconsin, where he completed his doctorate and medical degree.  His Ph.D research focused on synaptic defects in Fragile X Syndrome, a common inherited cause of cognitive impairment in children.  He completed a neurology residency at
the University of Pennsylvania where he did research on the role of the ubiquitin proteasome system and autophagy in neurodegeneration with Dr J. Paul Taylor.  He came to Michigan in 2008 as an American Academy of Neurology clinical research fellow and trained in the laboratory of Henry L. Paulson, M.D., Ph.D., in the Michigan Institute for Neurodegenerative Disease.  Dr. Todd Joined the Michigan faculty in 2010. 

When he is not in the lab, Dr Todd sees adult patients with Fragile X-associated disorders (Fragile X Syndrome, FXTAS, FXPOI) and Cerebellar Ataxia at the University of Michigan. He also sees movement disorders patients at the Ann Arbor VA Medical Center.  Peter spends his free time with his wife and daughters. He is an avid road cyclist, hiker, canoeist and music enthusiast.

Postdoctoral Fellows: 

Becky Glineburg
Becky joined the Todd lab in September of 2016 after completing her Ph.D. with Brad Johnson at the University of Pennsylvania.  She is identifying modulators of repeat associated neurodegeneration.

Geena Skariah
Geena will join the Todd lab as a post-doctoral fellow in the summer of 2017.  She is finishing her Ph.D. in Neuroscience with Stephanie Ceman at the University of Illinois. 

Indranil Malik
Indranil will join the Todd lab as a postdoctoral fellow in the fall of 2017.  He is finishing his Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Biophysics with Craig Kaplan at Texas A&M University. 

Graduate Students:

Caitlin Rodriguez
Caitlin is a Neuroscience Graduate student who joined 
the lab in 2013.  She obtained her undergraduate degree from UCSD where she trained with Tracy Johnson.  She is focusing on translational initiation mechanisms in neurons and their roles in plasticity and disease.

Alex Linsalata
Alex is an MSTP student who joined the lab in 2014. He obtained his undergraduate degree from Vassar College. He is focusing on how nucleotide repeats trigger aberrant translation and RNA mediated toxicity.

Katelyn Green
Katelyn is a Cell and Molecular Biology student who joined the lab in 2015.  She obtained her undergraduate degree at Yale.  She is interested in RAN translation at C9orf72 associated GGGGCC repeats that cause ALS and FTD.  

Yi-Ju(Lulu) Tseng
Lulu is a master's student who joined the lab in 2016. She is working on identifying inhibitors of RAN translation.

Shannon Wright

Shannon is a Neuroscience Graduate student who joined the lab in 2017.  She obtained her undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from Kenyon College.

Yuan Zhang
Yuan is a Neurologist who is visiting as part of her Ph.D. program at 
Xiangya Hospital at Central South University, China.  She joined our group in 2017.

Lab Manager:

Amy Krans
Amy serves as primary research support staff to the Todd Lab. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from Grand Valley State University in Biomedical Science and then earned a Master of Science degree from Purdue University in Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology.

Rebecca Stone
Rebecca Serves as the primary administrative Assistant to the Todd lab and other UMIND labs.

Rotating Students:



Stephen Fedek Stephen is an undergraduate who joined the Todd lab in 2015.  

Udit Sheth  Udit is an undergraduate who joined the lab in the spring of 2016

Todd Lab Alumni: 

Jill Haenfler- Post-doctoral Fellow 2015-2017
Now: Instructor in developmental biology, University of Michigan.  

Fang He-  Post-doctoral fellow 2011-2016.  
Now: A tenure-track Assistant Professor in Biology at Texas A&M University at Kingsville.

Michael Kearse- Post doctoral fellow 2013-2016.
Now: A Post-doctoral fellow at the University of Pennsylvania with Jeremy Wilusz.
Abbie Renoux - Graduate student 2010 2015 
Now: A post-doctoral Fellow at Tufts/AstraZeneca with Stephen Moss.  

Courtney Collins- Research Technician/Undergraduate Research fellow.  Now: A Medical Student at Kentucky.

Michelle Fraser- Research Technician/Undergraduate Research fellow. Now: A Neuroscience Graduate student at the University of Michigan. 

Arya Ahmady-Research Technician/Undergraduate Research fellow.   Now: Medical Student at Case Western Reserve University.  

Yash Sharma- Undergraduate Research fellow.  Now: In Dental School.

Nick Carducci- Research Technician.  Now: A medical student at the University of Pennsylvania.

Feras Ackall- Research Technician/Undergraduate Research fellow.  Now: ENT resident at Duke. 

Seok Yoon Oh- Master's Student/Research Fellow.  Now: a Medical Student in Chicago. 

Kelsey Hamrick- Research Technician/Undergraduate Research fellow.  Now: A PhD student in psychology at Wayne State.

Kush Sharma- Research Technician/Undergraduate Research fellow.  Now: A Medical Student at Central Michigan.

Jinghan (Jane) Cheng-  Undergraduate Research fellow  Now: Medical school 

Aly Shea- Undergraduate Research fellow.  

Mariam Shiekh- Undergraduate Research fellow.

Grace Van Hyfte- Undergraduate Research fellow. 

Dana Abufarha- Undergraduate Research fellow. 

Elena Cortes- Visiting Undergraduate Research Fellow. Now: Graduate school at Penn

Sam Natla- Undergraduate Research Fellow.  Sam joined the Todd Lab in the spring of 2013 as a high school student and has stayed on as an undergraduate at Michigan.

Brittany Flores- Rotation Student.  Brittany rotated in the lab as a CMB graduate student in winter 2014.  Now: Sami Barmada's lab at UM; collaborates with our group.

Logan Morrison- Rotation student.  Logan rotated in the lab as a neuroscience graduate student in winter 2017.

Vikram Saraan Vikram is an undergraduate who worked in the lab from 2015-2017.  Now: Applying to Medical school

Sylvia Edoigiawerie  Sylvia was a UM-SMART student fellow in 2017.  She is now applying to MSTP programs.   

Veronica Towianski Veronica was in the lab as a volunteer in 2016 and as a FXAM-sponsored undergraduate fellow in 2017.

Kallisse Dent  Kallisse joined the lab in the fall of 2016 and stayed on as an SROP fellow in 2017.  She is now in the UM MPH program.

Nico Gomez  Nico is an MSTP student who rotated in the summer and fall of 2017  

University of Michigan Initiative on Neurodegenerative Diseases: (UMIND)

The Todd lab is part of a larger group of Neurology research labs focused on Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration.  These include the laboratories of Dr. Henry Paulson, Dr. Vikram Shakkottai, Dr. Sami Barmada, Dr. Dan Leventhal, and Dr. William Dauer.  All of these labs share common space as well as certain equipment and all the labs interact intellectually and socially.