Peter Todd Lab Michigan

Our Mission:

1)Understand how nucleotide repeat expansions cause human disease.

2)Understand how RNA biology and translational control contribute to neuronal plasticity and dysfunction.

3)Develop therapeutics aimed at treating repeat expansion disorders

4) Support the growth of future scientific leaders while having fun doing cutting-edge research.

2019 Todd lab news (We've been busy!):

Todd Lab FXTAS NIH R-01 renewal got a good score! We get to keep working on a cure for this terrible disease.

Todd Lab gets a VA BLRD grant on Cellular stress in ALS!

Geena's aging project selected as a pilot award for the upcoming Pepper Center renewal.

New paper on the Pathology of FXTAS and the roles of RAN translation in that process on BioRXiV!

New Paper from Alex Linsalata on RAN translation modifiers is published!

New review on how repeats cause disease by Caitlin Rodriguez is out!

Lulu has decided to join the lab as a CMB graduate student!

New Grant from Ann Arbor against ALS (A2A3) to support our work!

Caitlin Rodriguez's paper on Ribosome Profiling and uORFS in neuronal differentiation was accepted!

New Grant from National Ataxia Foundation to support Geena Skariah- congrats Geena!

Alex Linsalata defended his thesis! Congratulations!

Peter received the Derek Denny-Brown award from the American Neurological Association!