Welcome to the Peter Todd Lab at the University of Michigan 

Our Lab has three central goals:

1)Understand how nucleotide repeat expansions cause human disease.

2)Understand how RNA biology and translational control contribute to neuronal plasticity and dysfunction.

3)Develop therapeutics aimed at treating repeat expansion disorders

We fervently pursue these goals through use of multiple complementary model systems and extensive inter and intra-laboratory collaboration.

2017 Todd Lab news:
Caitlin won NGP Student innovator award for her great science!

Kallisse got a Summer UROP grant!

Fang and Sam (with Chantal Sellier and Nicolas Charlet) Published a paper in Neuron!

2016 Todd Lab news:

New R-01 funded!

Alex's F31 funded!

Katelyn's F31 funded!

Mikes paper out in Molecular Cell! 

Jill got a FRAXA Fellowship!

Katelyn passed her Prelim!

Fang's paper came out in Neurology: Genetics!

Collaborative paper with Matt Disney Published!

Our VA Merit grant was funded!

Fang's ALSA grant funded!

Amy's ASFMR RAN paper published in Annals of Neurology!

Collaborative paper with Magda and Sami on C9orf72 accepted at PLoS One! 

Caitlin's 1st paper on Ribosome profiling published!