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Pegasus27 UIN List

This is a live version of the Pegasus27 UIN (Uniforms I Need) list.  The list covers players who made their Major League debut between 1925 and 1990.  I will be expanding the coverage of the list as time permits.When an image is posted to one of the image threads in the OOTP forum, I will highlight the entry in yellow and add the URL of the post to the Comments field.  When Pegasus27 has accepted the image and entered it into the batters pack or pitchers pack, I will change the highlight to green,and make the Player field clickable, linking to the OOTP post.  In the event that the posted image is low-quality, I will only insert a link in the comments field (see Al Cicotte/Tigers for an example).

Pegasus27 prefers images that:
Clearly show the player's face and hat/uniform
Are not airbrushed/photoshopped
Are not colorized

Images that do not meet these criteria are still welcome, but may not be included in the batters or pitchers pack.  Thanks to anyone who can help with these images!

You can view the list sorted one of two ways, by player name or by team.

Sorted by player name
This list is sorted by player, alphabetized by first name, then year, then team.

Pegasus UIN List by Player ‎(updated and merged)‎ 2016-05-14

Sorted by team
This list is sorted alphabetically by team, then by year, then by player, alphabetized by first name.  Due to the sorting mechanism within Excel, players who appeared for a team for more than one season are listed after the players who played a single season for that team.  Note that the listings for the Brooklyn Robins [shown as Dodgers (Robins)] follow the listings for the Dodgers.

Pegasus UIN List by Team ‎(updated and merged)‎ 2016-05-14