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Missing Player List

I release a new Excel spreadsheet containing the Missing Player List with each edition of the facepack.  In-between facepack releases, you can track the progress on this live page.  Whenever a missing player is found, I will highlight the entry in yellow and change the name listing to a link showing the file posted of that person.  

For missing managers, see the Missing Managers List.
For missing umpires, see the Missing Umpires List.

I have separated the players into three sections:
1871-75, showing players who debuted in the National Association
1876-99, showing 19th Century players who debuted in the National League, American Association, Union Association or Players League
1900-, showing players who debuted in the 20th Century

Red-letter entries indicate that no image has been found of that player.  Black-letter entries indicate that SABR is aware of an image, typically in print or on microfilm/fiche, but no digital image is available.

1871-1875 Debuts


1876-1899 Debuts


1900- Debuts