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The Facepack was originally assembled by OOTP users Gambo and T_Wil1, with the help of many other OOTP users.  In its original form it included Major League players, organized by the year they made their Major League debut, from 1871 through the current year.  I took over Facepack management from T_Wil1 in 2010, and have since expanded the pack to include managers, coaches and umpires.  The Facepack is, to my knowledge, the only photo pack that includes all on-field Major League personnel.

Over the past four years, thanks in great part to SABR, the missing player list has been reduced from 810 to 532 players as of the latest Facepack release.  The missing list also includes 15 managers and 536 umpires.  The Facepack includes a picture of every confirmed Major League coach.  None are missing.

The Facepack is currently issued in two versions, one with players organized by debut year and the other with all player photos in a single folder.  Both versions of the Facepack include exactly the same player images, and both include folders for managers, coaches and umpires.  

2013 End-of-Season Facepack Release  
I have completed and uploaded the final 2013 release of the Facepack (download links below).  This version includes 189 new photos:
163 new player photos, including 62 new 2013 player debuts
3 new manager photos, including 1 new 2013 manager debut
11 new coach photos, including 3 new 2013 coach debuts
12 new umpire photos, including 3 new 2013 umpire debuts

Since the last Facepack release in August 2013, 11 formerly-missing players, 1 formerly-missing manager and 8 formerly-missing umpires have been found. I have also corrected 11 player ID errors and removed 3 other player photos that had been incorrectly identified.

If you use and enjoy the Facepack, please consider making a donation to help me continue to enhance and improve it.

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You can download the updated Facepack files from my Google Drive:

Please note that, depending on your connection speed, the download may take several seconds to begin.

The removed images and updated images can be viewed individually by clicking the links above. To download the entire zip file, click File and select Download (the last option in the menu).

You can also view the live version of the Missing Player ListMissing Manager List or Missing Umpire List.