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tnfoto has nothing to do with where I'm from or my interest in photos, it is an acronym for "Through No Fault Of Their Own." My primary interest as I have studied baseball history is the players, managers, coaches and umpires whose careers ended "through no fault of their own."  Primary among these is Walter "Peck" Lerian, shown in my OOTP avatar and at the top of each page on my site.  He was killed in a tragic accident shortly after the end of the 1929 season.  To learn more about Walt Lerian, please see the mini-biography I wrote for the SABR Bio Project.

I am a baseball researcher, I enjoy learning anything and everything about baseball history.  My research focus for the past several years has been split between pictorial history (players, teams, stadiums, etc.) and trivia (little-known facts). I have two very ambitious projects:

1. Photographically document every Major League player, manager, coach and umpire.  At least one photo per subject, and when one person had multiple roles, for example a player who also coached, managed and/or umpired, collect a photo in each of those roles.  I have recently expanded this goal to include minor league players as well, and am considering expanding further to include Major League team, league and union executives.

2. Compile a trivia database with at least three interesting trivia facts about every Major Leaguer that, when taken together, uniquely identify that person.

Thanks to the SABR Pictorial History Committee and the photo forums at OOTP Baseball, I am well on my way to fulfilling my first goal.  As of April 22, 2017 I have collected:

18,528 of 18,956 Major League players (97.74%)
692 of 699 Major League managers (99.00%)
1,559 of 1,559 Major League coaches (100%)
1,209 of 1,539 Major League umpires (78.56%)

I am still in the process of cataloging my minor league player photos, but my minor league image database lists just over 200,000 minor league players (not counting foreign leagues), with more than 550,000 player/team combinations.

I will update the above totals regularly.

I have shared many of the photos from my collection on the OOTP forums, and answer photo requests posted at OOTP or via email.  If there is a player, coach, manager or umpire photo you are searching for, you can probably find at least one photo of that person in the Facepack.  If you would like additional photos, a specific player/team combination or an action pose, please feel free to ask!

For more information about my baseball photo activities, see the Baseball Photos section below.

In 1997 I started collecting facts about Major League players.  I compiled this information into a database that I could use to quickly find trivia questions for the daily baseball trivia list I founded.  My database has grown over the years and now contains thousands of records formulated as questions-and-answers.  Trivia partner Bruce Brown and I use this information regularly when creating our weekly quizzes, and the database questions have also been used for custom trivia contests, books, websites and board games.  I am trying to compile a minimum of three facts per person in order to fill out the question format for our weekly quizzes.  Each day we present a question, hint and "Twint," which is only available to those who follow the trivia questions on Twitter.  Three facts each day to help trivia contestants zero in on the correct answer.

For more information about my baseball trivia activities, see the Baseball Trivia section at the bottom of the page.

If you are able and feel so inclined, please consider making a donation to help me continue my photo and trivia research and sharing!

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Baseball Photos:

I moderate a baseball photo forum at ootpdevelopments.com. You can view the primary OOTP photo threads using the links provided below:

I also update and maintain the Facepack, which includes (with rare exception) a photo of every player, coach, manager and umpire in baseball history. To learn more about the Facepack, including links to download the latest version, visit my Facepack page.

You can learn more about individual team packs, download existing team packs (such as the 1969 Seattle Pilots), and request custom team packs, on the Team Packs page.

Baseball Trivia:

On 12-Mar-1997 I sent a trivia question to a small group of friends:

Which member of the 3,000 hit club retired with exactly the same number of hits at home and on the road?

That question (the answer to which is Stan Musial, by the way) led to another the next day, and has continued uninterrupted for 16 years. With trivia partner Bruce Brown, who handles the day-to-day interaction with more than 2,000 trivia recipients, we created Horsehide Trivia, an organization that provides trivia questions to chapters and research organizations within SABR, as well as continuing to send daily trivia questions via email, twitter and our blog. Gregg Gaylord joined the Horsehide Trivia team last year and now generates many of the themes and questions presented.

To find out more about Horsehide Trivia, including instructions for joining the daily trivia recipients list, see the Horsehide Trivia page.