"Tom's writing for the Evil Dead app was great! He gave the game's story and characters a lot of personality while remaining true to the source material. I also really appreciated the ways in which he looked for unique ways to deliver narrative (not to mention humor). A talented professional with a good attitude who was always reliable with his deliveries, Tom is highly recommended."

Shawn Grover, Producer, Trigger Apps, 2011

"Tom Jubert is a talented games writer who designed and delivered an intensive 12-week story design unit for London South Bank University's BA (Hons) Game Cultures course. In his lectures, one-to-one critique sessions and workshops, he shared his wealth of first-hand AAA and indie game industry experience whilst covering the essential story design techniques every burgeoning games writer needs to know. Tom is an exceptional lecturer who inspires students. His academic background means he can situate his technical practice within wider critical discussions of game studies-- a must for some teaching on a uni course. He gets things done on time, takes initiative and is genuinely interested in helping students become better writers. A pleasure to work with."

Siobhan Thomas, Course Director, Southbank University Game Cultres BA, 2011

"Tom’s easy manner and passion for good writing in games makes him an ideal team member for any developer. He’s creative, funny, enthusiast and very smart. He takes care with any script he’s working on, be it reversioning a translated script, writing additional dialogue or working with a developer on brand new IP. He’s a pleasure to work with or just sit around and chat over a beer with. I was thrilled for him when he was nominated for a Writers’ Guild of Great Britain award for Best Video Game Script and know there’s more recognition to come in the future. I’m proud to represent him as a writer for games."

Sini Downing, Director, Sidelines Agency, 2010

"I hired Tom to give the English translation of the originally German script of one of our upcoming point & click adventures back the "spring in its step." He did a wonderful job of polishing the writing and reintroducing the humour that usually gets lost in translation. Moreover, Tom was also available to co-direct the English recordings to make sure that the voice actors read their lines as intended. Thanks, I'm looking forward to the next installment!"

Michael Schmidt, Senior Localization Manager, Deep Silver, 2010

“I worked with Tom when I was cast as Amabel Swanson in Penumbra: Black Plague. As a voice performer, working ‘blind’ with a new character can be tricky, but in his voice directing Tom was friendly, patient and concise, providing me with a full insight into what Amabel’s part in the game was, the horrors she had witnessed and the emotions she was to elicit in the player. With his clear direction, clever script writing and encouraging feedback, delivering the appropriate performance became much easier.”

Emma Adam, Voice Actor, Penumbra: Black Plague, 2009

"Tom worked for us on a freelance basis on Penumbra: Overture, and we invited him back in 2007 to work on Episode 2 in the series. We were very happy with his work - he was personable, creative, and reliable - and would have no reservations in recommending his services to anyone requiring creative work of a high standard."

Thomas Grip, Lead Designer, Frictional Games, 2008

"Tom is producing the story for my forthcoming project. His vision and writing have certainly raised the project to a higher level. Amazing work so far!"

Mikko Tarmia, The Sound of Fiction, 2008

"Tom is a hugely knowledgeable and enthusiastic games editor. He is very organised and goal orientated and manages to get things done in the most trying circumstances. He is very creative and great to have in the team."

Steve Chippington, Director, GameShadow Ltd, 2008

"I'm proud to live in a nation where anyone, regardless of species, can BUY a college education." - Earthworm Jim, Earthworm Jim, 1995