Indie Dev Donations

The pavement before the storefront was littered with junkies waiting for either their next hit, or the cold embrace of night and the lurid carnival of crime it would bring. The neon sign above the broad glass doors shone orange light onto the daggers of rain that cut the night sky, yet barely seemed to penetrate the gloom that had descended with the setting of the sun.

‘SAINSBURY’S’ read the lettering.


If you'd like to support our further development of text-driven indie games that explore different ways of interacting with the world around us, please consider donating. Funds will be shared with the Ir/rational team, and used to support my latest project (which as of April 2018 is 'Detention!' - A text-based management sim where you use punishment to maintain order in a school.

As thanks I'll send you a personal email with a link to the Ir/rational 'DLC', but please note this DLC is now almost a decade old and not very exciting, so don't do it just for that!

Please note:

- Any donation counts, but just so you know, due to paypal fees any amount below £1 will all go to paypal!

- You need to complete the top part of the puzzle before the options for the lower part become available!

I'll email you with instructions within 24 hours.