Interviews & Commentary

In a past life I was a video game journalist, and I never quite lost my interest in talking about the industry and its goings on. You can find an archive of my rants and musings below, or you could check out some of my blogs:

GAMESbrief Industry Blog

I'm an irregular contributor to veteren industry analyst Nicholas Lovell's business-oriented blog, GAMESbrief.

Plot is Gameplay's Bitch
I'm a more regular contributor to my own narrative design theory / philosophy / video-game-stuff-I-care-about blog.

Feature: Moviescope "Are Games Cinema 2.0" - Feb 2011
I'm quoted fairly extensively in this film industry insider piece on the threat posed by video games.

Interview: RPS "Projects, Plot, Penumbra" - Jul 2010
RPS were crazy generous enough to interview me again, this time discussing the narrative design role in detail.

Podcast: Gamespot - Nov 2009
A special guest on Gamespot's podcast, I discuss my latest announced projects, Lost Horizon and ir/rational, as well as breaking into games and answering a few somewhat odd emails.

Interview: The Narrator Dialogs - Oct 2009
Part of Stephen E. Dinehart's Narrative Design Exploratorium, this is an in depth discussion of the role of the narrative designer (as contrasted with a straight games writer).

Interview: Alisdair Crews Thesis Q&A - Apr 2009
Back in April I was contacted by an ambitious video game student looking for sources for his final project on game vs film writing. His questions were remarkably in depth - on everything from environmental story telling to use of subtext - which is why they're included here.

Feature: Develop's "30 Under 30" - Feb 2009
Not really an interview but a brief bio as one of Develop magazine's top young talents.

Interview: Develop Writers' Roundtable - Jan 2009
A group discussion about games writing and where it's going. I get a bit passionate about cut scenes.

Interview: Adventure Classic Gaming - Oct 2008
An interview with Frictional Games discussing character development and implementation.

Interview: Rock Paper Shotgun - Jul 2008
An interview with one of PC gaming's most respected homes.

Feature: Games TM "Fade In" - May 2008
A games writing feature informed by Quantic Dream's David Cage, Bungie's Joseph Statton, Free Radical's Rob Yescombe, and myself, of no fixed employ.

CVG: "Plot is Gameplay's Bitch" - Feb 2008
In which I say the above amongst other things that get me intro trouble.

Video Interview: Gamespot Start / Select - Jan 2008
Video podcast with Gamespot UK Editor, Guy Cocker, discussing Penumbra: Black Plague and games writing in general.

Interview: Eurogamer - Mar 2007
My first interview as a Frictional Games collaborator, discussing our narrative approach in Penumbra: overture.

IGDA Writing Panel: Environmental Narrative - Dec 2010
The Electron Dance write up of a panel I took part inĀ  along regulars Rhianna Pratchett, Andy Walsh and Jim Swallow, discussing ways to tell story without words.

Writer's Block Panel - Dec 2009
A 'Breaking into Games Writing' panel at Southbank University, pulling in a record attendence. Other pannelists included Prince of Persia's Andy Walsh, Jim Swallow of Deus Ex 3 and Rhianna Pratchett of Mirror's Edge.

Penumbra: Black Plague Character Postmortem - Aug 2009
A frank analysis of the successes and failures of Amabel Swanson, a key character from Penumbra: Black Plague.

Edge Keynote: "Social Reality" - Apr 2009
A piece discussing the absence of video game stories set in the real world.

Do Indie Games Get An Easy Deal? - Apr 2009
A controversial blog asking whether indie games are overhyped.

The Path: Impressions - Mar 2009
I love the idea that games can be artistic. This is a sort-of-review for GAMESbrief frankly analysing the none-more-arty The Path from Tale of Tales.

Metacritic: A Defence - Feb 2009
Does what it says on the tin.

Stories in Games Are Typically Not Good - Jan 2009
A piece for GAMESbrief analysing how to integrate interactive experiences with artistic relevance, in reference to statements by Jonathan Blow.

Open Worlds: The Future of Interaction - Dec 2007
As a writer, games becoming more procedural would mean my work dried up tomorrow. As a narrative designer, it's the most fascinating area of progress we have.

The Morality of Wargames - Nov 2007
Produced during my time as Editor at, this is a serious discussion of whether we as games designers should be taking more responsibility for the experiences we're producing.

PC Gamer "Devil's Advocate" - Dec 2006
An OpEd piece setting up player mortality as an outmoded mechanic.