Interviews & Commentary

In a past life I was a video game journalist. You can find an archive of my rants and musings below, or you could check out my blog:

Plot is Gameplay's Bitch

I'm a more regular contributor to my own narrative design theory / philosophy / video-game-stuff-I-care-about blog.


Feature: Moviescope "Are Games Cinema 2.0" - Feb 2011

I'm quoted fairly extensively in this film industry insider piece on the threat posed by video games.

Interview: RPS "Projects, Plot, Penumbra" - Jul 2010

RPS were crazy generous enough to interview me again, this time discussing the narrative design role in detail.

Podcast: Gamespot - Nov 2009

A special guest on Gamespot's podcast, I discuss my latest announced projects, Lost Horizon and ir/rational, as well as breaking into games and answering a few somewhat odd emails.

Interview: The Narrator Dialogs - Oct 2009

Part of Stephen E. Dinehart's Narrative Design Exploratorium, this is an in depth discussion of the role of the narrative designer (as contrasted with a straight games writer).

Interview: Alisdair Crews Thesis Q&A - Apr 2009

Back in April I was contacted by an ambitious video game student looking for sources for his final project on game vs film writing. His questions were remarkably in depth - on everything from environmental story telling to use of subtext - which is why they're included here.

Feature: Develop's "30 Under 30" - Feb 2009

Not really an interview but a brief bio as one of Develop magazine's top young talents.

Interview: Develop Writers' Roundtable - Jan 2009

A group discussion about games writing and where it's going. I get a bit passionate about cut scenes.

Interview: Adventure Classic Gaming - Oct 2008

An interview with Frictional Games discussing character development and implementation.

Interview: Rock Paper Shotgun - Jul 2008

An interview with one of PC gaming's most respected homes.

Feature: Games TM "Fade In" - May 2008

A games writing feature informed by Quantic Dream's David Cage, Bungie's Joseph Statton, Free Radical's Rob Yescombe, and myself, of no fixed employ.

CVG: "Plot is Gameplay's Bitch" - Feb 2008

In which I say the above amongst other things that get me intro trouble.

Video Interview: Gamespot Start / Select - Jan 2008

Video podcast with Gamespot UK Editor, Guy Cocker, discussing Penumbra: Black Plague and games writing in general.

Interview: Eurogamer - Mar 2007

My first interview as a Frictional Games collaborator, discussing our narrative approach in Penumbra: overture.


GAMESbrief Industry Blog

I was an irregular contributor to veteren industry analyst Nicholas Lovell's business-oriented blog, GAMESbrief.

IGDA Writing Panel: Environmental Narrative - Dec 2010

The Electron Dance write up of a panel I took part in along regulars Rhianna Pratchett, Andy Walsh and Jim Swallow, discussing ways to tell story without words.

Writer's Block Panel - Dec 2009

A 'Breaking into Games Writing' panel at Southbank University, pulling in a record attendence. Other pannelists included Prince of Persia's Andy Walsh, Jim Swallow of Deus Ex 3 and Rhianna Pratchett of Mirror's Edge.

Penumbra: Black Plague Character Postmortem - Aug 2009

A frank analysis of the successes and failures of Amabel Swanson, a key character from Penumbra: Black Plague.

Edge Keynote: "Social Reality" - Apr 2009

A piece discussing the absence of video game stories set in the real world.

Do Indie Games Get An Easy Deal? - Apr 2009

A controversial blog asking whether indie games are overhyped.

The Path: Impressions - Mar 2009

I love the idea that games can be artistic. This is a sort-of-review for GAMESbrief frankly analysing the none-more-arty The Path from Tale of Tales.

Metacritic: A Defence - Feb 2009

Does what it says on the tin.

Stories in Games Are Typically Not Good - Jan 2009

A piece for GAMESbrief analysing how to integrate interactive experiences with artistic relevance, in reference to statements by Jonathan Blow.

Open Worlds: The Future of Interaction - Dec 2007

As a writer, games becoming more procedural would mean my work dried up tomorrow. As a narrative designer, it's the most fascinating area of progress we have.

The Morality of Wargames - Nov 2007

Produced during my time as Editor at, this is a serious discussion of whether we as games designers should be taking more responsibility for the experiences we're producing.

PC Gamer "Devil's Advocate" - Dec 2006

An OpEd piece setting up player mortality as an outmoded mechanic.

'Can you believe a great battle was once fought here, on the very ground that you now so peacefully graze? It's a crazy world, isn't it? Hey, I'm talking to you cow. It's because of me that you're not talking French right now. Shame on you, ungrateful cow.' - Raz, Psychonauts, 2005