Ir/rational Redux - with all new visuals and sound - is now live over at Newgrounds!

"I think, therefore I am."

"As certainties go, knowing that you’re some kind of thinking thing… some kind of living, thinking thing… isn’t exactly helpful. Knowing it’s bloody dark doesn’t get you much further."

ir/rational is the dark philosophical tale of one man's struggle to come to terms with his powers of deduction. It's also a short, text-based logic puzzle. It's probably some other things as well.

Regardless, ir/rational is written, designed and developed by Tom Jubert (Penumbra's Narrative Designer), with music by award-winning Penumbra composer, Mikko Tarmia.

Play ir/rational Redux

It is a free videogame.
Therefore you will play it.
It tests your logic and deductive reasoning.
Therefore you may be too lazy to play it.

But you should. Also: it’s well-written, funny... You'll like it.

- Alec Meer, Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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Argue the toss in a twisted tale of logic...

        * Unique, language-based argument system: formulate logical proofs to progress through the             game

        * Dark philosophical comedy written by Tom Jubert, award-nominated writer of the critically              acclaimed Penumbra series

        * 10 screens and roughly half an hour of intelligent, challenging and inventive gameplay

        * Musical score by award-winning composer Mikko Tarmia

Player Feedback

    "Just wanted to drop you a line and say how much I loved ir/rational.  The amount of atmosphere is             amazing." - James Stark, Personal Effects

    "I really enjoyed playing a game with such a consistent logical flow and I hope to see more of it." - Michael Lindner, Donator & DLC Purchaser

   "Nifty idea, great implementation. Makes me wish there were more games like this..." - F687/s, TIGSource Forums

    "Unusual, original and also satisfying." - MisterX, TIGSource Forums

    "I grew to really love it. I was actually really sad when it ended and there wasn't more." - Radica1Faith, TIGSource Forums

    "I felt connected to the protagonist, and the mystery maintained throughout the game managed to     keep me interested till the end. Even then, I was left thinking about the story further." - Matt Chandler, Game Tester

    "I haven't played anything like it before. I loved the style of writing." - Freddy PM, Game Tester

    "The writing was unique and humorous till the end." - Lee Wolfgang, Game Tester

...and some criticism, just to keep things balanced...

    "It can occasionally just fuck your mind up." - Lee Wolfgang, Game Tester

To see your words here, email your feedback, good or bad - but ideally grammatically correct (ish) - to

Download ir/rational 2008 (7.23MB)

Original version of ir/rational, text-only